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  • As you’ve no doubt noticed, it’s been very, very dead around here lately. That should change over the next week or so, and much more so by the end of the month. Real life has been interfering, but fear not, I’ll soon nip that in the bud.
  • In other news, the early reviews of Catra, the Faceless One and Battleground Teela are all over the place. Here are the Fwoosh’s, and here areĀ Pixel Dan’s. Remember to hate both VeeBee and Pixel Dan for all these freebies. Because I totally do.
  • The Creative Licensing Corporation spilled the beans on two of NECA’s new licenses: Rambo and Evil Dead II. They misspelled NECA a few times, which seems…odd. So far we know we’ll get Rambo and Ash figures. No shocks there, but I do have to say, of all the McFarlane figures NECA’s redone, Ash is probably the most warranted. McFarlane’s Ash was terrible. And after all the hard work we ED freaks had put into getting it…I used to be VERY into Evil Dead. I tried so damned hard to like that figure at the time, but it was awful. Just awful. Awkwardly pre-posed, barely articulated, and frankly Toy Biz’s Autolycus figure looked more like Bruce Campbell than this one did (OK, that’s an exaggeration). The best thing about that figure were the accessories. Anyway, I have little doubt that NECA will kick McFarlane’s Ash into the stratosphere. A redo that’s long overdue.
  • Oh, I almost forgot: Thor comes out today. You going tonight?

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  • i hope both VB and PD are remembering to look at all the limbs, cuz i'm tired of mattel using them as scapegoats when their QC sucks. but both of them seem too enamored by the idea of free toys to even attempt objectivity.

    rambo and ash are both greats news, but i hope they duke nukem, rather than terminator them, if you know what i mean.

    BTW, i keep meaning to ask, in the "odds n ends" photo, why no sword of the ages?

  • Dan's latest round of reviews are crotchtastic. Futon + coffee table = uncomfortable closeups.

  • Ohhh proper Ash figures!

    Thor came out the week before last here in the UK, weird that we should get it ahead of you.

    Still, go see it, it's fun.

  • I got a NECA figure of Ash at TRU like 2 months ago. Articulated like Terminator, good likeness. I hadn't heard them announced and thought it weird, but I totally own it. I think one foot broke off though. I'll post pics if anyone is interested. Anyone else aware of these?

  • @ Reverend Ender:

    I've seen those, but I should clarify that while I do love Army of Darkness, Evil Dead II is by far my favorite of the trilogy, and I've wanted a proper Ash figure as he appeared in that film for…well, forever.

  • I am totally ready for a GOOD Evil Dead 2 Ash figure..will he come with a detachable hand?? Thor is awesome, i saw it last night in a private screening. The effects were spectacular- until the bland midguard scenes. 3D wasn't really that worth it. Thankfully it was a free show. The clip after the credits wasn't what i was hoping for…but i does tie right into the next marvel flick…go see it people.

    Any chance you'll be selling the variant version of the Sword Of Ages??

  • Watched the Catra and Faceless One videos last night. I’m getting so excited for those figures! Catra looks phenomenal, and I agree 100% with PD that she is possibly one of the best likenesses thus far. I’m glad she is based on the Filmation design, but I’m so happy they threw in the silver cat mask from the vintage figure.… I actually had the POP Catra figure, so this is a welcome update. Faceless One… what’s more to say? AWESOME. I still kinda wish they’d gone with more of a DCUC Question-esque face for TFO, but in the Four Horsemen I trust. I think I can see myself growing to like it in time, I’ve already warmed up to it quite a bit since the reveal. Neitlich was pretty darn close when he announced the figure for May 2011 nearly two years ago in a Matty Q&A (see, once in a while we DO get some good info from those)!

    I haven’t seen the BG Teela video yet, and I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time, but right now I’m really not too excited for that figure. It’s possibly the figure I’ve been least excited for in this line thus far, including Carnivore.

    THOR? I’m gonna pass for now. I’ve never been a Marvel guy, but I am a geek, so I’ll probably rent it or borrow it from somebody, at the very least so I’ll be primed for The Avengers flick whenever that comes out. I’m anticipating Captain Marvel and Green Lantern much more.

  • Maybe Neca will be able to beat the Rambo Force of Freedom figures I had as a kid.

    I originally had very little desire to go see Thor, and was more than happy to wait for the dvd. However, since it's been getting pretty good reviews my interest has gone up. My wife just wants to see Chris Hemsworth without a shirt. We are going to try to make a matinee this afternoon.

  • I don't think I'll get to see Thor tonight, but I'll see it this weekend. My expectations for it are pretty low.

    And just why the hell does Pixel Dan get free stuff?

  • My default Ash is the NECA AoD version wearing the McF chainsaw. I do welcome a good ED2 version though.

  • I forgot to comment on the Evil Dead 2 news! This is fantastic news! The only 6" version of Ash I currently own is the NECA S-Mart Ash (I do have the Movie Maniacs 18" Ash!). I have been looking at the NECA re-release but every single one I've seen has had some sort of paint flaw that bugs me enough not to pick him up, mostly in the eyes. I think at this point I may just pass on it all together and wait for the ED2 figure.

    I just hope they can nail the likeness. Thus far I've yet to see a figure that REALLY comes close. I don't know what it is about Bruce Campbell's visage thats so hard to capture!

  • @nerdbot

    I imagine PD was doing the reviews already. His were probably the best and most popular, so sending him a figure or 2 each month was a cheap way to get a good advertisement before the figures he's covering go on sale.

    I'm hoping for a nicely articulated Ash! I never got the NECA "heroic" Ash, and the McFarlane version had 3 poses: Lined up perfectly as a statue, stupid and weird looking and broken chainsaw. Overdone paint washes too. Still, remember how awesome that toy was just for existing?

  • NECA getting new properties and redoing figs that are in desperate need is always great.

    Not going to see THOR tonight. I usually don't see movies on opening night because that's just going to be waaaaay to many annoying people for me to put up with at one time. As for the movie itself, I'll probably wait till it's out on DVD/BD before I watch it. Looks heavy on the Ultimate influence and I hate all of Marvel's Ultimate crap.

  • Movie theatres are way too expensive. Watched Thor on my computer. Definitely will buy it on DVD once it comes out. Great flick.

    VERY excited for a Rambo toy. I'm so desperate for a good figure or two that I've considered saving up for the Hot Toys versions. But those are just so insanely pricey for my budget. Hopefully NECA's figure(s?) will be great.

    Honestly not too excited about Ash. I love the movies, but somehow it's one of the few movies I -really- dig that I don't really care about having figures for. I think I'd sooner get the crew from Galaxy Quest than an Ash figure. Don't ask me why – I really don't get it myself.

  • Why has it taken so long for any company to make figures based on either of the first two Evil Dead movies? Whereas McFarlane, Palisades, Sideshow, NECA, and even Mezco with their Mez-Its have all done Army of Darkness. I'm glad it's NECA that finally stepped up to the plate. Their S-Mart Ash has the best Bruce Campbell likeness.

  • Got my Thor tickets since my brother's visiting and it'll be his birthday type thing. The 3D showing was the most convenient time to go, but holy crap is this 3D racket expensive.

    2 adults, 1 child: $40.50. I feel for those in New York and other places where tickets are beyond that. I know the 3D is post converted and not so great, but at least the trailers will look nice. Assuming their all bottom of the barrel kids flick ads.

    Once 3-D takes off at home, I assume theaters will start having lap dancers and actual fires randomly placed in the theaters.

  • AFOS wrote:

    Why has it taken so long for any company to make figures based on either of the first two Evil Dead movies? Whereas McFarlane, Palisades, Sideshow, NECA, and even Mezco with their Mez-Its have all done Army of Darkness.

    As I recall, it's a rights issue. The Evil Dead films have more complicated rights to obtain than Army of Darkness.

  • Just got back from Thor, and was pleasantly surprised. I always thought he was a lame character, but they made a pretty decent film. Now if I could only get a Superman movie that is good…..

  • Just got back from Thor a little while ago. Very solid movie. Nice mix of being a cool fantasy action flick and a "fish out of water" super hero tale. Thor managed to be an excellent character, although prior to this my main exposure to Thor was Twisted Toyfare Theatre…

  • I am also back from Thor!

    I think it's really cool. Like Iron Man, a fun, charismatic performance really added to my appreciation of a character that I've enjoyed on the surface, but not much deeper than that.

    As a comic nerd who hasn't read many of Thor's solo comics, I thought they did a nice job playing around with his comic world while keeping it enjoyable for everyone

  • For those of you who saw Thor, how was Anthony Hopkins? Did he phone it in or was he actually doing some good work? I'm a big fan of his (c'mon, he's Hannibal Lecter) but sometimes it seems like he's mis-cast or just sorta strolling through a roll.

  • Hopkins was decent, with a few good moments. He certainly wasn't bad, but he didn't outshine anyone. Hopkins at 100% may have turned it into the Odin show.

    I'd imagine that Brannagh got the performance he wanted out of him.

  • I thought THOR …was a pretty good movie.

    I felt an obligation to see it because of my buying JIM #83 off the spinner rack… and I owe Stan and Jack big-time.

    Glad it was so well done.

    The cast and story were very good.!!