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Pic of the Day > Subject Delta by Isaac Renteria

Subject Delta

Bastards of the Universe > “Bad Day, Part III”

Big thanks to Poe for the newest Bastard, Pornstache! You know his name, but will he be friend or foe? “Bad day” concludes next week!

I already know in my head who Pornstache sounds like, but can’t say yet. It’s a voice you might recognize, but probably couldn’t put a name to; I certainly can’t…

Pic of the Day > Faker’s Revenge by Venenor

Toy Aisle Trolls > Lando’s Gone-Missing-An

Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Colt 45 not included.

Submitted by: President Juggernaut

The Problem: A Vintage Collection General Lando Calrissian has been swapped with a Power of the Force version from the 1990s.

What It’s Supposed to Look Like: This

President Juggernaut writes:

Here’s another one from the Framingham, MA Wal-Mart, the same store which was featured in Toy Aisle Trolls a few months back with some similarly swapped Star Wars Vintage Collection Sandtroopers. This time it was a Vintage Collection General Lando swapped out for his POTF2 counterpart. This one really hurt, I was excited to finally see this hard to find figure on the pegs, it really made my day. And then it really ruined it when I actually examined the figure. May their punishment be severe!

Karmic Payback: Ugh, that post title is terrible. Sorry.

This is the closest Walmart to my own house, but I have to say I’m not surprised this was found there–it’s easily the worst, most horrible Walmart I’ve ever seen. If the Framingham TRU is the “magic” TRU (though I’ve recently considered giving that title to the Dedham TRU), then the Framingham Walmart is the necromancer of Walmarts. No, necromancers are competent and kind of cool; the Framingham Walmart is messy, depressing, and never offers anything worthwhile. Ever.

So no, it’s no surprise that a troll got away with this at that place. Nonetheless, I am duty-bound to curse him. I got lazy about it, so I asked Poester Sped, who came up with this: “May he get jumped by cosplayers at his next convention and have the video go viral on YouTube.” I suggested changing the “j” to an “h,” but whatever, works for me.

On a side note, seriously, what were we all smoking when we thought the POTF2 figures were great? That Lando is only slightly less ripped than the earlier POFT2 version, but it still looks like Barry Bonds has been spiking his Colt 45 with creatine.

Jazwares’ Mortal Kombat 6″ Figures Revealed!

Joe Amaro, customizer extraordinaire and Director of Product Development for Jazwares, just sent along the first pics of Jazwares’ upcoming 6″ Mortal Kombat figures.

Pics and info after the jump!

Poest Office > Figure stands for 12″ figures?

Today’s question, which is more for you folks than me since I don’t know the answer, comes from our own Doc Thomas:

I have a question specifically regarding 12″ toys, which I don’t collect – but I have one 12″ figure, one of the Buffy Gentlemen, which features a clear stand that holds him up in the air as if he’s floating, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to purchase more like or similar to this. Specifically for Toy Story figures – Woody and Jess do not stand by themselves and need support like that to stay verticle alongside Buzz and co. Do you know where I can get something like that, or can we ask your readers?

Tech Noir Terminator in packaging

NECA has published a packaged pic of the Tech Noir Terminator from their upcoming Terminator line. I’ve been going back and buying more of this line recently (I reviewed the Pescadero Escape Terminator years ago), and I’m looking forward to the new ones.

Glowsticks not included.

The thing I love about this figure is how his menace is a bit undercut by the goofy raver shirt. Anyway, these are due to hit in July. You can preorder them at BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth or Toys R Us.

Ask Mattel > Answers for Mid-May 2011

1.) MegaGearMax asks: A bunch of fans were really disappointed Battleground Teela’s controversial bio didn’t explain the most pressing questions on fan’s minds since her reveal at NYTF 2011 — namely, why was her hair now blonde or why is she wearing a new costume. Classicized 200X versions of vintage MOTU characters whose changes might not be so easily explained as a change of clothes might also fall under this topic. So I was wondering: why did the bio writers decided not to try to explain why characters have such different looks?

We absolutely have throught about these details. You’ll just need to keep reading the bios won’t you?

2.) Chris asks: I used the tracking for the Newgistics shipping and it makes no sense. It takes longer, and still ends up getting handed over to USPS. Why not send it USPS to begin with?

Happy Catra Day

I nearly forgot that today was a Mattycollector day. Catra’s the only new MOTUC item, although there are reissues of Stratos, Whiplash, and She-Ra. If you don’t have a Whiplash yet, I highly recommend him.

A friend asked me whether to pick up the reissue She-Ra if he didn’t have one, since “She-Ra 2.0” is coming (the retooled She-Ra who will be better able to sit on Swift Wind). Well, the thing to know is that She-Ra 2.0 won’t have the Filmation-style She-Ra head; it will have a tiara-less head with a removable toy-style mask (which will fix on via a clip instead of the giant square hole). Most people consider the Filmation-style head the “true” She-Ra, but it all depends on your preferences. She-Ra 2.0’s head will be removable and interchangeable with the regular She-Ra’s.

Anyway, here’s the link to the all-in-one order page. There’s a lot of Green Lantern stuff on sale this month, too, though I don’t think any of it is exclusive to Mattycollector and apparently Green Man and the Retro-Action Guy Gardner are exclusive to Mattycollector. You know what would have been a good use of Mattycollector? Selling that Green Lantern 5-pack. Or even better, individual figures from that set. Maybe someday.

Pic of the Day > Warpath by GogDog


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