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  • Definitely bad ass figure. The only way this pick can get even more bad ass is with him holding his cigar on the other hand.

    This brings to a point about this figure. I feel they should have made an alternate head for the cigar. He didn't come with any additional weapons so I think that's something that could have been included.

  • I remember getting the Resaurus Duke Nukem figure back in 1998: I loved that guy! I used a bunch of old Rambo weapons to completely arm him. While it does seem a little lame that Duke only comes with a pistol, I imagine he will rearm himself by stealing weapons from other various figures I have standing around.

  • I think you're all forgetting the obvious: Duke only needs one pistol.

    Bigbot wrote:

    I feel they should have made an alternate head for the cigar. He didn’t come with any additional weapons so I think that’s something that could have been included.

    I'll discuss this more in my eventual review, but I'm sure the reason for the minimal accessories was the cost of all the articulation. If the game's a success, though, I'm sure we can look forward to at least a battle-damaged version with a different weapon or two–and hopefully a Pig Cop.

  • I saw this guy but wasn't quite convinced I needed him.

    I'm realizing now that a cool thing about him is he seems pretty interactive with whatever you've got! That one boss from his old FPS game (the one who he literally S#@+ down it's neck) looks a lot like any Kenner/Hasbro Rancor. Even though he's got one pistol, he's about the only figure that will look perfect with whatever ridiculous old guns you've still got from Spawn and other lines. Finally, he's kind of like Predator in that it seems appropriate for him to sneak into any collection to start a fight.

    And now I've convinced myself that I do need him. How's the new bicep joint working out?

  • The bicep joint allows the arm to have a more natural looking double joint in comparison to the double elbow joints like on the Street Fighter figures. However, he cannot rest his arms all the way down on the sides. For dynamic posing though that doesn't matter.

  • I shouldn't be buying figures but ,Damn this toy is GOOD!He is a high quality toy equal to NECA's TMNT figures in my opinion.Now to buy those Plastic fantasy pornstar figures for Duke to save…