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Today’s question, which is more for you folks than me since I don’t know the answer, comes from our own Doc Thomas:

I have a question specifically regarding 12″ toys, which I don’t collect – but I have one 12″ figure, one of the Buffy Gentlemen, which features a clear stand that holds him up in the air as if he’s floating, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to purchase more like or similar to this. Specifically for Toy Story figures – Woody and Jess do not stand by themselves and need support like that to stay verticle alongside Buzz and co. Do you know where I can get something like that, or can we ask your readers?

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  • Alas I don't have an answer, but I jut wanted to say how much the art rocks, nice Mignola vibe to it.

    Normal service will now resume…

  • I have bought about 20 clear 12" stands for my DCUC figures on ebay, but I'm not seeing them now. They have a small and large semicircular piece designed to go around the figure's waist and moves up and down the stand to different heights.

    This is the same stand, though I paid less than this. The sellers I've seen are almost always foreign.

  • Unless I'm mistaken – they're called Whippy Superpose stands. Sometimes ebay has decent deals on them. Good Luck!

  • I don't know anything about the stands, I am just in awe of your Poe mailbox art! Fantastic!