Tech Noir Terminator in packaging

NECA has published a packaged pic of the Tech Noir Terminator from their upcoming Terminator line. I’ve been going back and buying more of this line recently (I reviewed the Pescadero Escape Terminator years ago), and I’m looking forward to the new ones.

Glowsticks not included.

The thing I love about this figure is how his menace is a bit undercut by the goofy raver shirt. Anyway, these are due to hit in July. You can preorder them at BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth or Toys R Us.

9 thoughts on “Tech Noir Terminator in packaging”

  1. Just take a look at the Duke Nukem figure, why can't NECA add that leg articulation to the Terminator?

  2. @ Bigbot:

    you know, i wager a duke nukem waist swap could yield precisely that wanted articulation and still look fairly good… hmm…

  3. That's exactly what I thought when I purchased Duke earlier today. It looks like the peg plugging into the abs is the right size, but I'm going to have to pick up another Duke to try it out.

  4. @ Thomas b: "Tech Noir" is the name of the nightclub where the Terminator attacks (the real) Sarah Connor for the first time. He's wearing this outfit in that scene.

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