The Power-Con of Grayskull

Power-Con, the first-ever He-Man and She-Ra convention, now has a date and location.

“Get ready He-Fans and She-Ravers!

Power-Con will take place Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th at the Four Points at the Los Angeles Intl Airport! You can fly directly into LAX, jump on the free hotel shuttle and be there in no time!

Show hours are from 10am to 6pm on Saturday followed by a limited attendance dinner (details coming soon) and then an after-hours mixer open to everyone and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday.

The official Power-Con fan convention website will be launching VERY soon!

It will have advanced and onsite order info for attendees and exhibitors, our first guest announcements, discounted hotel reservation info (so don’t call in your reservations yet!), and many more details. So please spread the word to fans you know!

We know so many fans are going to love Power-Con. It’s going to be packed with programming and have an amazing guest list.

Stay tuned for more info and make sure you are there. You won’t want to miss out!”

I’m sure your first thought was, “Will Poe be there?” so that you can plan to be as far away as possible accordingly. I’m still not sure yet. Hoping to, but we’ll see.

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  • Ass crackers. In my proverbial backyard and I'm scheduled to work that weekend.

  • who's putting this show on? and forgive what may seem like impertinence, but it's sept a bit soon to have a show when they don't have anything else to announce yet? that's roughly four months and they haven't booked any guests? and of note, this is a new con, with no reputation to draw quests in for, and likely a much smaller budget than something like joe con has o work with.

  • @ dayraven: I largely tend to agree. Cons can be very hard to pull off. I'm not sure there's enough He-Man stuff out there to honestly do a whole lot with a con at this point. It has been in the planning stages for a while, so maybe they have some tricks up their sleeves.

  • don't get me wrong, i'd love to see he-man get a con. i do know that they're tough to pull off, but motu has the kind of fanbase and property that it can draw an appropriate audience. but this seems very… soon, for not having much wrapped up. i assume this is being covered and promoted at the org too? cuz honestly, w/out them, i think she's a lost cause. like breaking in a new con, i don't think i'd make the first announcement until, for example, i have a guest lined up, and it better be decent. i know they can't afford a great guest out of the gate, but like, cinch up an appearance by one or more of the horsemen or by jon cypher or somebody. then announce the con, one guest "and more to come!" and plug the con's website (w/ ads, so you can generate a little revenue that way)

  • Well…given that Mattel is headquartered only an hour or so away, I have to think they'll be at least slightly involved, even if it is only having prototypes of the announced upcoming product on display.

    Who knows? Maybe they got Matty to agree to doing a figure reveal there.

    And, not to be a dick to the art, but I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to get at least SOME of the voice actors from either series to show up.

    Throw in some dealer tables, some fan panels, costume contest, a design your own Master / Evil Warrior competition, wham bam you got something your average MOTU nerd (or nerd in general) would be willing to spend $15 attending.

  • its not necessarily the $15 admission fee or whatever they charge. Its travel time, travel cost, hotel cost. etc. Obviously the first year will be lacking in features and events, and at least there is other stuff to do in LA, i guess… but the problem is i personally think sept it too soon after sdcc and too soon before nycc for it to be a massive event to get off the ground. Again, as ive mentioned in the past, I also feel the name power-con is just awful. It truely sounds like a power rangers convention or something. But hey, obviously thought was put in to this, and I hope it really gets off the ground and lasts, because i would LOVE to attend a he-man convention when its the size of say botcon or joe con, but I can't be dropping the cash to travel to LA for a few tables either. So I guess Im not really helping the situation. Maybe if I had more knowledge of what was to go on there, but at this point, if its a few tables, some pot luck food, and people talkin about the newest he-man toy, i just wouldnt be able to bring myself to attend that