Any questions for Mattel?

Questions due by Wednesday at 11:59pm. Answers will be posted on July 15 (approximately).


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  • I have a question:

    Has Mattel any plan to do special boxes with Vintage Figures and Classic Figures?
    Like a box with a Classic He-man and and a Vintage He-man.

  • Any plans for the Doom Patrol’s Elasti-Woman? I’d take either a C&C or a normal-sized version. Or is she being kicked to the back of the list for new JLA costuming?

  • In regards to the Voltron subscription, will the frequency of figures released be closer to MOTUC or Ghostbusters, & what will the price point be?

  • I have no interest in 80% of figures from the next 3 DCUC lines. But I do want 2 of the C & C figures. There is no way I’m shelling out $16 for a figure I have absolutely no interest in to get the C & C pieces, though. Is selling the C & C, either as individual pieces or as the whole figure via Matty an option?

  • I’m primarily only a 4′ inch collector, but I branch out on occasion to get the DCUC figures, due to my intense love for the DC universe. Is there a particular reason why Mattel sees the 4′ inch scale as unsuitable for collectibles?

  • Green Lantern Question: Were the sales of Green Man sufficient to make 6 inch movie Stel and Hannu.

  • Has any thought been given to a DCUC wave that would finish off the various teams that fans are clamouring for? For example, Jay Garrick, Lead, Tin, Platinum, Niles Caulder and an Elasti-Girl CnC?

  • Is Gygor the only giant gorilla in Eternia? His bio said he led an army of ‘Beast Men’, so that doesnt help…

    If there are more, would they all be green and yellow or would we see some pinks/purples, blues/oranges, etc?

  • Any news on when the next MOTUC army builder two pack will be revealed? Also, we know the Horde Troopers are a given, but what other types of army builders are you guys looking at?

  • What sort of communications take place between Mattel and retailers regarding the collector lines? More specifically, with wave-based collector lines, do you offer suggestions about how they should order assortments and/or release them on shelves, or about how they should handle selling certain lines in general?

  • In the original photos of the Young Justice Aquaman/Aqualad two-pack Aqualad is shirtless with glowing tatoos. It was a cool look. Can you say why that look was dropped? And might it show up in some other form one day? Also, it seems these figures are taking a long time to come out. Will we still get three waves this year?

  • Regarding the “little guys” in MOTUC… Figures that would be smaller than a regular figure but larger than a “Pack-in” character” (Guys like Gwildor or Rotar and Twistoid) IF/When they’re available, will they come single carded (with plenty of accessories to compensate for the smaller size) or will they come in Multi-fig packs like the GL 3 pack of “little guys”

  • Does the Classics Media deal mean we can expect Filmation designs and color schemes in MOTUC in 2012?

  • I’m loving the DCU Action League, but after 3 waves with just one female character, my collection’s a tad unbalanced. I love the Wonder Woman you put out in Wave 3; any chance we’ll see a Batgirl or Supergirl in the waves ahead?

  • After SDCC ended last year, the WWE team said they were already had plans for the SDCC exclusive for 2011. Was the Mysterio Rumbler part of those plans and if not, what did you folks have in store?

  • @ globaldominationmachine:
    MAttel claims that the 4 inch lines are for kids and not collectors, hence the craptacstic articulation and sculpt. Mattel uses the “Kids love accessories and bright colors excuse” to deliver sub par 4 inch toys, when Hasbro can deliver toys for kids that also work for the adult collector.

  • How many waves or figures should fans expect to be revealed at SDCC for the following lines?

    Batman Legacy
    Green Lantern Movie Masters

  • What conclusions have you drawn from the rapid sell-outs of Monday’s sale items, that you would be willing to share? I ask in regards to individual collector sales versus possible resellers, or the possibility of retail exposure of MOTUC in particular.