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I really don’t know how I feel about DC’s upcoming reboot/relaunch/retread thing they have coming up. I would love it if comics started selling again and weren’t just an afterthought to licensing…which I just realized is an ironic thing to say, since I buy way more DC figures than I do DC comics. But I was kind of hoping there would be a few more surprises in the 52 upcoming number-one issues, that DC would go all-out and make some riskier choices, like bringing back Amethyst or ‘Mazing Man or Angel Love or something.

Keep in mind, that my opinion is doubtless tainted since at least the last four comics I’ve been reading from DC have been cancelled. (Unknown Soldier, Warlord, Doom Patrol, and probably Xombi by now.)

The ‘alternate’ Pornstache…man, Poe goes all out and gets a MOTUC-style custom made for 339/1; while I stick a Minimate hairpiece and a cut-out mustache and eyebrows on a 200X Ice Armor He-Man. Still, mine is ready in fifteen minutes!

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  • This was a very amusing and funny strip. It definitely had that last issue of Doom Patrol feel to it, so nice work Goo.

    Oh, and I agree with you 100% about buying more figures than comics; that's me in nutshell right there.

  • Excellent stuff! I love DC and I buy WAAAAY more DCUC than I do their comics too.

    Also, I have to know who the green and purple dude is in the last panel, he rocks!

  • @ Fengschwing:

    He's the Beetle, from Toy Biz's Spider-Man line. I really liked a lot of the lower-tier villains in that one. OAFE reviewed him way back when, and he's a good chunk of plastic.

    And Kingflame, I was a Doom Patrol fan too! Over at my blog (shameless plug!) I've been doing "Doom Idol", strips where Robotman and Negative Man have tryouts for a new member…since I don't know if Mattel will ever make a DCUC Elasti-Woman.

  • @ googum:

    Thanks Googum, he's sporting Luthor colours, that's what caught my eye and, of course, he's Twitches analogue. Fengschwing, missing the joke since 1974…

    Also, why have I not seen your blog before now? I need to get with the program!