Happy Faceless One Day!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the Faceless One? For Battleground Teela? I’m a 4 on FO, 9 on BG Teela. That said, my excitement for BG Teela is less about the figure itself and more about the fact that she’s a figure from the 3-issue DC miniseries, my favorite piece of MOTU fiction.

Faceless One, though…for some reason I just can’t excited about him. Maybe that’ll change when I have him in hand.

This month we’ve also got:

  • Slime Blower Winston – pretty tempted by this, actually, but it’ll be a last-minute decision.
  • Retro Action John Stewart – afro included!
  • Reissues of Grizzlor and Whiplash

On another note, let me tell you yet another Tale of Mattycollector Woe™. The credit card I’ve used for the site for years was about to expire, so when I got the new one I logged on to the Mattycollector website and carefully updated my payment information. That’s all–no change to my shipping or billing address, not even a new card number. Just a change of expiration date.

So then I get my renewal email…which referred to me by my mother’s name, and told me it was using my parents’ house as my billing address.

As you’d expect, this pissed me off pretty good. I immediately called Mattycollector and spent half an hour talking to an outsourced employee who ultimately told me there was nothing he could do.

I went back to Mattycollector and noticed that my card number, expiration date and shipping address were all accurate, so it occurred to me that the only thing that was wrong might be the email. Just to be sure, however, I entered my credit card as a brand-new card and deleted my parents’ address from the address book.

I have a theory on what happened. I think the very first time I ordered off Mattycollector, I had it shipped to my parents’ house because I was going to be on vacation when it arrived or something. Anyway, it stored my parents’ address on the site. When I went to re-enter my card, I noticed that it defaulted to my parents’ address as the billing address in the drop-down box, and I had to select my own address.

So here’s what I’m thinking: when I changed the expiration date on my current card, the system actually entered it as a new card and deleted the old one–but in the process, Digital River’s software being crap, it used my parents’ address as the default simply because it was first on the list.

Now here’s the good news: as far as I can tell, the only thing that had the wrong name and address is the renewal email. Everything else processed normally, and I received a shipping notice and so forth.

But seriously, Mattel, Digital River is a joke. I’m sure there are smaller, cheaper, and much more effective companies who would be thrilled to have your business.

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  • Darn. BG Teela is mighty tempting…but it's a big yard sale weekend here, and I need the cash for random items. Hope she's reissued sometime.

  • Interest in F.O. : 0

    Interest in B.T. : 8

    Honestly, F.O. to me is an absolute snooze-fest, & a testament to this era's poor design, so he'll be going in a trade or on Ebay. I'm definitely excited for B.T., however, as like you, I'm big on the original DC mini-series, & these are the types of "Elseworlds" figures I want on my MOTU shelf.

  • I have to say, as a non-MOTU fan, I really like the look of The Faceless One, if I had a bit more cash I might nab one as a 'generic supernatural villain'.

  • In regards to Digital River, the only logical thing I can think of is they must have a several year contract with them, which is probably why they haven't dropped them…yet. Usually, when you get with a company like that, it's a contact that lasts a few years. I guess if they really, really wanted to, they could break the contract, but that would probably cost them a fee. Hopefully one day, they will get rid of them and find a reliable company. Good luck on finding one that isn't outsourced to India! No wonder we can't find jobs.

  • Battleground Teela is beautiful. I actually kinda agree with Matty's marketing language about her being the new standard. She's slave Leia freed from bondage!

    That said, I was going to pass on her because my nostalgia runs only as deep as the vintage line. But then I got a Savage Frost Giant, and he needs his sexist 'tude kicked out of him by this bodacious barbaric babe. So she makes the list after all. See you guys in an hour!

  • 10/10 for both of these figures. Faceless One is 200X goodness, and Battleground Teela is a blond bombshell that will kick your ass.

  • A 5 for Faceless One. I want to get excited about him, what with me being such a huge 200X fan, but those MOTUC proportions are just killing me. He looks like, I don't know, a toddler, with a big head and chunky, stumpy limbs. I think his "dress" is contributing to it. If he had Gothitropolis proportions I would love him.

    BG Teela gets a 2. I just don't think the Teela face works with that new hair and her chest looks weird–like an A cup wearing a DD size bra.

  • FO – 6

    200X MOTU was awesome but I'm still a vintage man, and this guy doesn't look near as cool as he did in the cartoon anyway.

    BT – 7

    Again, I prefer the vintage Teela look. I loved the DC miniseries and I'm interested to see how they explain her into the storyline for MOTUC, but I'll probably just make her Vikor's barbarian babe.

  • I liked Faceless One in the cartoon, but the figure has too much of a face, so I'm passing on him. Battleground Teela is cool, though.

  • Easy as pie… Now let's play the Where in the world will my Package go BEFORE hitting my local PO!

  • Noticed that they added UPS Ground back to the shipping options. I'm glad I checked the list before finishing my order.

    Oh yeah, Whiplash is sold out already? Must have just been customer service stock and not a full blown reissue.

  • Man…I actually forgot it was Matty day again. The subscription makes you soft!

    I'm excited for Battle Ground Teela for the fact that she looks neat standing next to Vikor (per early reviews).

    I think Faceless One looks pretty neat and will look good next to Marzo and Carnivus.

    Still…not nearly as excited as I will be for Clawful next month.

  • americanhyena wrote:

    Still…not nearly as excited as I will be for Clawful next month.

    I just couldn't get myself excited about Whiplash. Probably would have bought him had he been available last month, but I had enough time to talk myself out of him. Same thing with Buzz-Off. I guess I just don't like the hands/feet, but I'm pretty sure I'll go for Clawful.

  • An hour and a half late to the party, but I still snagged a Teela for myself and a friend.

    I love strong, Amazon-type fantasy female characters as much as the next nerd, but I find it a little ridiculous how every preview/review of her is billing her as the most powerful MOTU character…EVER. I've seen people post pics of her slaughtering packs of Shadow Beasts, straight-up murdering Merman and Trap Jaw, and other over-the-top feats of Mary Sue shenanigans.

  • Two hours and change since the sale start, and I snagged a BG Teela, though she's now tagged as "Almost Gone", whatever that means. I'm glad that the increased subs have made my life easier, but worry that if next year's subs decrease in number that the return of 5-minute sell-outs an WSOD will plague us all. Here's hoping SDCC will bring more big announcements and keep up popularity!

  • Is it Matty day today? It hadn't even crossed my mind to be honest!

    TFO 6.5/10 — He looks great, but like ero said, my nostalgia runs only as deep as the vintage line and while I think he looks great as a figure, for a line that I'm into primarily based on nostalgia, it just isn't there. I think he looks cool and although I wish they had gone with something closer to DCUC's The Question for his face, I'm not going to dwell on it. Besides I'm thinking once I get him in hand I'll appreciate it a lot more.

    BG Teela 2/10 — Again, like TFO no nostalgia for this. I haven't even read the DC miniseries that this is from so I'm not sure. Maybe once I get her in-hand I'll feel a lot differently, but at this point I'm not even sure if I'm going to open her or not. We'll see soon though!

    Part of me feels that these releases are being overshadowed by Man-E-Faces, Clawful, and Leech.

  • I'd say my scale matches yours, Poe. But since I was on Matty Collector anyway I sort of thought "what the hell" and put ol' Faceless in the shopping cart. Lord knows I've fallen WAY behind in collecting MOTUCs lately (last one I got was Buzz-Off) and my goal is to own them all, so I figured I'd save myself some time and get him now.

    But, given more limited funds it would have just been BG Teela, no contest. So excited for that figure…

  • Battleground Teela : 10

    Faceless One: 5

    My favorite two ears are represented today; both 200X and the Pre-Filmation Era. As cool as getting the Faceless One is (despite him having a face), I've been waiting for a Blonde Bikini Teela figure since I first saw that comic in 1982! BBT brings the barbarian influence back to MOTU and it's great to have one of Teela's early looks before the red hair.

  • Well, I've missed out on Whiplash….AGAIN. I was so looking forward to him. Anybody want to trade?

  • I forgot it was Matty day. Blast it. I wanted an extra Whiplash. He's easily one of my top five favorites released in this line so far.

    I picked up an extra Faceless One to go with my other two subs. I can always find a use for an extra Havoc staff.

    I really wanted another Whiplash though. He's just so awesome.

  • I just wanted to say I'm very psyched about Faceless One, and not at all for BT. Really don't see what the excitement is for her outside nostalgia for the story.

  • I was going to pass on both of them — I already have more MOTUC than I know what to do with (I had a sub last year), but eventually broke-down and got BGT. I'm a sucker for the way they're working these alternate designs into the canon. That said, I thought I was excited about FO, until I saw how squat he looked. He's just way too wide. It makes him look short and dumpy. Otherwise, I'd love the design, "face" and all.

  • Just bought Faceless One, Teela and Winston… at midnight MST…. whats the world coming to!

  • Valo487 wrote:

    I just wanted to say I’m very psyched about Faceless One, and not at all for BT. Really don’t see what the excitement is for her outside nostalgia for the story.

    I'd say nostalgia is what's creating all that excitement. That or the fact that her bikini top is removable.

  • ero wrote:

    I’d say nostalgia is what’s creating all that excitement. That or the fact that her bikini top is removable.

    The Following Message should be read in Peter Cullen's voice:

    Battle Ground Teela with Stripping Action! From Mattel!