Pics of Batman Legacy Wave 2 Leaked – Catman, Bat-Mite

User Samttary of the HKFigureClub, a Hong Kong-based toy site, has revealed the rest of Batman Legacy Wave 2. It looks like the rumored Catman is indeed part of the line-up, while Batgirl comes with a motorcycle and Golden Age Batman comes with none other than Bat-Mite!

I’m not 100% sure the motorcycle comes with Batgirl (can anyone read the page? – my Google Translate efforts were messy), but it stands to reason, particularly since she has no new sculpting to add value.


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  • Catman looks great! I hope we see more unique figures like that in this line. We need more Bat-characters!

  • Aw dammit! I'm trying to not buy overpriced DCU items from Mattel… Now I might have to take a plunge for Batgirl, GA Batman w/Batmite… The TRU Joker/Harley 2 pack…

  • Okay. Those look quite good. Catman is a wonder to actually get, and another Barbara in her classic black and yellow is great to see.

  • Pardon the language, but Fuck and Yeah! They killed it on this one! Awesome! Just awesome!

  • Bottom of the post says that Catman is the only one with a mostly new sculpt and accessories (I guess he doesn't consider Bat-Mite an accessory). I'm also pretty sure I've seen that bike somewhere before…

  • @ Zach S.:

    You likely won't, as this line is intended to be like the GL Classics line, I.E., a two-waver.

    @Poe : I like the new avatar, b.t.w.

    Is it a sneak peek into the new PGPOA?

  • @ Poe:

    I knew I saw it somewhere before! It came with a Batgirl in the old Kenner Batman & Robin movie line.

  • @ Mario:

    Wow, that sucks. At least the GL line included mostly new characters…Batman could definitely carry a line for more than 2 waves. Spider-Man's had an ongoing 6" figure line for years…

  • @ Zach S.:

    Couldn't agree with you more. Although I'm usually not too critical of Mattel, this is one of those instances where I believe they DEFINITELY dropped the ball.

  • Because Catman is mostly a new sculpt, are the claws he comes with his only accessories?

  • ALL of these figures look great.

    I'm buying them all.

    Thanks, Mattel.

    I really appreciate this (sub)line.

    Wished it would continue, …but your planning has brought us sooo many great figures– that I have no real complaints.

  • Which torsos do Catman/Batman have? Does Catman have the "Superman" physique, whereas Batman has the "Nightwing" physique? Or does Batman have the "Superman" physique and Catman has the "DCSH Superman" physique…? Catman looks kind of huge.

  • This is how misinformation spreads around the web like wildfire.

    Why would Mattel sell a closed-fisted Batgirl along with a bike with Handlebars? Particularly an old Kenner batcycle? I can definitely confirm that the bike is from Kenner's Batman and Robin movie line:

  • Rough Translations (passing over the fluff on top). Hope this helps:

    CATMAN – Comes with two 'Claw' accessories. CATMAN figures are rare; the quality of the plastic used for this figure shows that MATTEL has been improving.

    BATGIRL – For longtime collectors, it's obvious this figure is a DCSH repaint.

    The TOY SHOW display (seen in picture) had a different belt, but Mattel confirmed that the production figure will have the same belt as the DCSH version. Cheap.

    Aside from the repaint, this figure is the same as the DCSH version. If you missed your chance with the DCSH Batgirl, this is a good stand-in.

    For those of you who've read my posts, you all know I like attractive female figures. So I went and bought Batgirl her own Batcycle!

    The cycle came from KENNER, a perfect match for 6" figures. Unfortunately I forgot about Batgirl's stiff cape, which prevents her from riding the bike! So now she can only stand beside it.

    BATMAN & BATMITE – Not much to say about Batman, since we've seen him so many times already. Batmite on the other hand is a rare figure, and it's very cute! I guess most fans will get the two-pack for him, even if they get stuck with yet another Batman figure!

    You always need a grownup to accompany a kid on a ride. HAHA!

    And finally, an overall shot.

    Overall Wave 2 isn't bad; there are improvements in both plastic quality and paint applications. Too bad the only accessories in both packs are Catman's claws, and all the bodies are same-old, same-old, same-old…

  • The other belt shown was re-used from the Cassandra Cain Batgirl figure, so its cheap either way

  • TripleM wrote:

    This is how misinformation spreads around the web like wildfire.

    Why would Mattel sell a closed-fisted Batgirl along with a bike with Handlebars? Particularly an old Kenner batcycle? I can definitely confirm that the bike is from Kenner’s Batman and Robin movie line:

    For the same reason they sold a close-fisted Batman with an arsenal of batarangs.

    That said, no one was starting rumors; in fact the posts were to the effect of people having seen the bike before, just not immediately recognizing it.

  • I don’t feel “stuck” with another Batman figure.

    I’ve always wanted a “Sprang” or Sprang-like Batman.

    He’ll go well with the Silver Age Robin…and the “Golden Age” Joker.

    Whatever, I’m really happy to get all of these figures.

    Batgirl in this costume, Bat-Mite, and Catman.

    No problem here.

  • nice to see catman finaly in plastic three of the secret six done now. batgirl don't think comes with the bike it was just a display thing .batmite look deranged