2,000 Toys, One Car

PGPoA Power Pal PrfktTear alerted me to this incredible instance of automobilia, which apparently was right in my own backyard of Harvard Square.

It’s a car completed covered in toys. How many can you identify?

You can see more pics at Pasty Hag on a Deathbed.



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  • Geez, Jason, how did we miss this when I visited a couple weeks back?!? 🙂

  • Is that Harvard Square crazy, or just plain crazy? Maybe hipster-ironic with a touch of schizophrenia?

  • Damn. You know you're getting old when you look at that and all you can think is, 'Is that legal?' or 'If he hit someone while driving that, they'd get really messed up if they went over the bonnet…'

  • Do you think this guy ever has to worry about Toy Aisle Trolls stealing the action figures off of the car? Maybe replacing them with actual random hood ornaments or smething?

  • This car will cause heart attacks to several scalpers,neckbeards and MiB'ers if it made a tour.

  • I've spotted a similar car myself a few times over the years. Its a blue-ish station wagon with hundreds of little Happy Meal-type toys glued to it. I think the person who drove it was a clown for hire (like kiddie shows, birthdays, funerals, etc.)

    Also, on the right side panel, next to the hood I believe there is a G1 Bumblebee. =)

  • Awesome! Spiderman seems to be the tallest one at the very top of the car, but it would be pretty hard to tell since you can't see the other toys in the back. Props to the effort! It must have taken a while to make sure all that would stick on that car, against the heat, rain, and hands of small children.