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Show of hands: who played entirely too much Dungeons and Dragons as a kid? I never had any of the old action figures though, and would love to have Owl Bear or Beholder figures.

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  • I always enjoy reading these, and maybe this is an issue with the new format of PGPOA, but the text in these images is nigh on illegible. Not just trying to merely complain, but if this is a "new format" issue then I figured it best to bring it up.

    • Part of the problem is that the new lightbox plugin does shrink the image a bit to fit the window. We're working on that.

      However, I think the text is also a bit harder to read this time due to compression/color contrast issues.

    • Yup! I'm still a D&D player as well. Many a nights do my wife and I stay up entirely too late with friends.

  • I have some of the original plastic dinosaurs that got turned into the Rust mOnster and Bulette.

  • Darn! I tried color-coded captions for this one, but it shrank funny. (Generally, I throw these at Poe and let him sort them out!) Battlecat's box was orange letters on green, so um, yeah, color contrast may be an issue.

    Ridureyu, I know the rust monster, but I might have to look up the Bulette…