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So, I signed up for Twitter; pretty much just to follow Poe and Warren Ellis. Didn’t even get ‘googum,’ either!

I have yet to send a tweet or whatever myself, since mine would be the worst ever: “Now I’m at work!” “Now I’m at home!” “Now I’m at work!” Unless I tweet when I’m walking my dog, that might be about it…Actually, I do intend to start tweeting on the rare occasions when I pick up a new figure in stores; even though that seems few and far between lately.

Meanwhile, Poe has tweeted his goal of getting a thousand followers, which is as good a way to keep up with what’s going on here as any. Follow him now!

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  • Very much like yourself I’m late to the Twitter game but now I have two reasons, I can follow the same two guys.

    Aside from my Eric Powell books and Brubaker stuff I don’t think any one writer comes close to dominating my reading material like Ellis does. And I certainly wish somebody would make some figures based off many of his multiple Avatar press books like Doktor Sleepless, Black Summer or Gravel.

  • Don't feel bad, I am very much of the 'I'm eating a sandwich!' school of Twitter myself. It's a fun way to keep up with folk. Welcome aboard!