Live-blogging the Mattypalooza Panel

Update: images from the panel available at TNI.

Thanks to the texting efforts of Rustin Parr, I’ll be live-blogging the Mattypalooza panel. Click your refresh button (or F5) for updates.

Rustin’s text is below; my comments are in bold.

Danielle is MCing.

Treadaway got the biggest applause.

Club Infinite Earths is DC. Nine figures, three quarterly oversized figures and one big one. Will include Atrocitus, Barry Allen, and Starman, as well as a fan’s choice oversized figure, which people will vote on when they subscribe: Shaggy Man, Rocket Red, Black Lantern Swamp Thing, Metron w/Mobius Chair.

No mention of any Batman characters yet, so no need for me to subscribe. Yet.

WWE Legends goes Mattycollector only, first figure is Andre the Giant.

Club Lion Force – 5 lions and pilots through the club before mass retail, and exclusives.

Vigo will have the Ghostbusters II painting behind him in the package.

Ghostbusters Dana as Zuul coming in April, plus Retro Action 2-pack of Janine and Samhain from Real Ghostbusters


October: Icarus/Flipshot

I suppose we had to get another NA character eventually…

November: Snout Spout
& Bonus: 200X-style “Battleground” Evil-lyn
Also: “Bubble” She-Ra (w/ interchangeable head and cape for original look)

December: Demo-Man
orginal art head with extra skull head & Skeletor head

Awesome! Personally I can’t wait for this figure. And he bookends the year w/ Vikor!


Jan: Sorceress

Feb: Fisto, Star Sisters 3-Pack
Fisto will have two heads and giant sword

March: Kobra Kahn, also w/ two heads
& Bonus: Thunder Punch He-Man

Filmation rights WERE indeed scored

And…Shadow Weaver is the sub figure.

Who’s surprised? Looks like the leaked list was indeed a leak.

ToyGuru is writing a He-Man comic. They’ll be minicomics that will ship with the first three quarterly figures.

There will be a new Create-A-Character contest for MOTUC.

Hoo-boy. This should be interesting.

Fearless Photog coming in January but is NON-SUB. Same for Four Horsemen-created “Draego-Man” in March, along with four other brand-new MOTU characters over the course of the year to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

Granamyr coming, fans asked to vote on red or green skin.

Holy crap…this is really something. The fact that the six new characters won’t be subbed is annoying, but these are indeed some pretty big announcements, as promised.

OK, I admit it: Mattel delivered the goods, big-time. Haters gonna hate, but 2012 is going to be an amazing year for MOTU.

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  • Poe: I was wondering if Barry Allen was incorrect, since we've gotten him multiple times…I'm not at the con but other sites are reporting Jay Garrick would you double check your information?

  • Thank you as well.

    Between G I Joe and MOTUC, I'm going to need second job.

  • LOL three years… THREE YEARS with the subscription and they still can't figure out how to get ALL the figures into the sub.


    I liked most the announcements, but I'm not insane about any of it. MOTUC is so expensive at this point that it has to be one of the only things you collect. I'll probably just cherry pick again. I think I may just collect the mini-figs. Anyone hear anything else on the MOTU minis?

    • I would say sub, but that Star Sisters 3-pack is brutal. Are there really THAT many PoP fans buying this line? I assumed it was just the completist faction and the odd collector.

    • I saw your DCUC wanted list on Matty Collector. I have a DSCH carded Two-Face if you would like to make an offer. I have posted here in the past, but my account doesn't seem to be working. I also have feedback on fwoosh and ebay. Thanks

  • I give no shit for all the whiners hating on Evil-Lyn's repaint costume…for that figure ALONE I am content with having bought the 2011 subscription. And for Sorceress, Shadow Weaver and goddamn Fisto with a goddamn Final Fantasy-worthy buster sword, I will bend over and buy the 2012 sub with smile.

  • I'll give a shot the Club Infinite Earths and hope enough people come along for the ride so I can get Garrick and complete some teams (I'm sure Elasti-Girl would be an "oversized" figure) and people damn well better vote for Metron!

    I'll cherry pick MOTUC again. I'm down to very few characters I care much for anymore and the subscription is getting crazy expensive.

  • Yeah Battleground Evil-Lyn might end up being my figure of the year. And all because they included the sexy helmet-less head.

    LOVING what 2012 is going to bring. They got mini comics, Filmation rights, and they're even making NEW characters (well, one so far). This line is going to be the stuff of legends, even if it ends after 2012.

  • Wow. Awesome. I KNEW the list was real and it was Mattel PR spin. Wow. So much cool stuff coming. Bummer that a bunch if stuff isn’t going to be in the sub. I hate getting on Matty to order stuff.

  • What's this biz I hear about DCUC ending at retail and being Matty-only? That sounds phenomenally stupid.

    • I have a feeling all the retailers got tired of hoping to get the latest wave when they ordered and winding up with 4 Cyborgs, 4 Captain Colds, and 2 Shazams instead. Distribution was terrible from day one–Mattel should have had release dates for each wave so retailers could put stock on sale to make room. I think they finally had enough

  • KICK. ASS. Not a dissapointing reveal in the bunch. The new characters not being sub is a bit bothersome but gives the option to pass in case we're not interested so I can dig that. I'm not big into 200X but that Evil Lyn is sooooo worth it just for the alternate head. Pics of the MOTUC stuff here:
    Shadow Weaver and Demo Man look amazing.
    Sounds like Ghostbusters is finally getting with the program too. NERDGASM!

  • I've got a junky rush from all of this. Wow.

    So apparently they've just decided on everything. Everything you ever wanted becoming a toy eventually.

    They covered all the bases, swung for the fences and did all sorts of sports metaphors.

    Anyone notice that Kobra Kahn's got the "furry" boot tops like the vintage Skelly legs did?

    • I'll echo what Fakeeyes22 said:

      "So apparently they've just decided on everything. Everything you ever wanted becoming a toy eventually."

  • I'm glad the original characters aren't included in the sub. I've got to draw the line somewhere, and that's probably it.

  • What a lineup! I was at work, and apparently now has finally been blocked after like two years (I wonder if it has something to do with the upgrade to this site?) so I had to wait for, which oddly enough is not blocked (I could swear it used to be) to post the images.

    I was a little hesitant about checking out this lineup. Part of me wanted to end the cycle of constantly being on the hook for the next figure, and the next figure, and just let it be a surprise, but I knew to keep it a secret I'd basically have to not go online at this point, so I tried to take the news a little bit at a time.

    • Hallelujah, brother! I hope Matty didn't set the bar too high on the number of subs needed to make it a go. Funny how they didn't mention that part in their presentation.

  • Just came home from nightshift. I just caught uo on things. For me it’s 50-50 this time. Don’t want to comment on it right now, but there’s one thing that needs attention and might still be able to hopefully get changed before production.

    The Sorceress needs a spell casting hand. I mean, she is the Sorceress. It’s sort of obvious, isn’t it? How could they not see it? Geez…

  • NA haters…Flipshot is BEAST. Best looking figure of the bunch.

    Fisto, Khan, Snout Spout and Photog are awesome…Demo Man looks cool.

    Also, is Mattel finally getting over this silly notion of limited new tooling? I see a heck of a lot of new tooling on these guys. That being said, if the limited tooling budget still applies, why did they spend the money on a made-up character (Draego-Man)? While he looks cool, I just hope he doesn't get in the way of us getting characters that require more new tooling, like Ram Man or Two-Bad, this year. Plus, his name is too "cool." he should just be Dragon Man or some silly pun name. Oh well, I'll still probably pick him up.

    For the Create a Character thing, can we all just vote for the Horde Mummy?

    • If you look at him carefully, Draego-Man looks about 90% existing tooling, so I wouldn't worry too much about the "new tooling" end of things.

  • Wow,Flipshot looks awesome,he looks like a cross between Centurions and captain power.That Evil lyn repaint is gorgeous without the helmet.

    • see, i was thinking he looks like airwaves from C.O.P.S.

      anyways, definitely most excited to see draego man and demo man of the motuc reveals, but fisto makes me extraordinarily happy… and they they dump on that w/ snout spout and the sorceress… so what are you gonna do?

      that said, seeing what the horsemen did w/ the raven from fan ex… yeah, dcu and motuc hurt even more. draego man make be the most detailed of the motucs we've yet been offered, but he's still abotu half a 7th kingdom fig and approx 1/8th of a gothitropolis.

  • I'm calling it right now, mainly for my own amusement, that Battleground Evil-Lyn's bio is going to cause some massive rumblings with the MOTU nuts.

  • I always knew I'd get Fisto when he was released and his prototype does not disappoint. I skipped Evil-Lyn hoping for a 200x version, but was not convinced we'd actually get one, now she is a must own for me. Demo-man just looks cool (if not a bit bright) and I love new characters, plus he could cross toylines pretty easily for me.
    Finally, for some reason Thunderpunch He-man just looks like a fun variant. I don't need another He-man, but I can't help but want that one.

  • Thanks for the e-mail Poe about winning "The POE Hammer", I just sent a reply e-mail and am grateful for all your coverage about Matty and this looks to be an awesome year for MOTUC. I hope that you here news that they are making one of your favorite characters soon, too.

    • As much as I love the new, more BTAS-esque Poe design, I certainly hope that, given your U.S. resident status, you'll submit the old MOTU-esque Poe design to Mattel for the create a character contest. I think he'd probably have a good shot at it, really.

  • I'm most excited about the comic. Guess I'm the only one. I sure hope someone posts the pages so we can get a better look at it.

  • Someone's just having a ball "minusing" everyone's comments. Must be loads of fun.

  • Any real DCUC fans better mount up and get the damn sub. It's all I collect, so I'd be happy with any additional figures. They insinuated that it was basically the only way we could get the rest of the Metal Men, Doom Patrol, etc. Hopefully they would take subscriber input on what characters we'd like to see as well. The shipping is going to suck, but at least the price point on the regular figures is still only $15.

  • Is the DC Universe Flash really Barry Allen, or is it Jay Garrick? And which Starman (since we have Ted Knight and Jack Knight already?)

  • I don't think it's looking good for the DCUC sub, less than 20% gone. Shame, I would of looked forwards to that.
    Perhaps folk are waiting for the end of the month and pay day?

    • I hope so, though the thermometer is so small I can barely read it. It looks like it hasn't even started working. And who knows, maybe they are trying to entice people to buy by keeping it low. This is Matty we're talking about.

  • "Any real DCUC fans better mount up and get the damn sub"

    No, I'm probably going to pass.

  • Only 20% on the DCUC sub with nine days to go.
    And I was so looking forwards to a Metron too…