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Dr. Terror

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  • I keep promising myself, even to this day, that I'm going to buy all of these toys. I LOVED Centurions when I was a kid…

  • This SERIOUSLY brings back memories. I always loved the asymmetry of these–they weren't even perfect halves–you had like 3/4 of a regular body and then a huge mechanical side tacked on…

  • I thought the good-guy Centurians were the best toys at the time. Bad guys lacked a certain something; maybe it’s that asymmetry.

  • Vintage toys are the best, bar none, & Kenner, to me, was the ultimate purveyor of them.

  • I love Centurions! I still have all of mine from my childhood and they're still in great shape. I wish I could pick up some of the second series figures, but those seem to get really expensive. I think I love G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 so much because those figures remind me of updated Centurions! I'd love for both of those lines to make a comeback!

  • Gawd,I love the commercials more than the cartoon!I had Jake Rockwell,only thing I was missing was the Detonator set.