7 thoughts on “Pic of the Day > Soaron by (Talyn)”

  1. Like Like Like! I managed to pick this guy up at a rummage sale the other day to replace my childhood one. That one was missing that tail on the back of his head.

  2. That show was incredible. This makes me want to go grab my external drive and watch the last couple of episodes again.

  3. In my top 10 action figures ever. Maybe top 5. Unreasonable amount of love for this guy.

    Can't believe Tolkien tried to swipe his name.

  4. That whole show looks pretty pricey for a kid's show back then. That's funny, I had a bunch of those figures but only saw a couple episodes of the shows. It was one of those shows that I never knew when it would be on. Crazy to think Sven Ol Thorsen was in that.

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