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Zindar and Dron

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  • Awesome. Smply awesome.
    The more you look at it, the more you appreciate it as art.

  • I remember wanting these figures as a kid, but never getting them. Now, looking at them, aside from remember wanting them; I have no clue what they are. Are they wrestling figures?

  • What are these? They remind me of the cavemen from the Super Mario Bros. cartoon.

  • Remember when Tom Baker and Dr. Mindbender joined forces at Wrestlemania III? Best crossover EVER!

  • It was a kids toy line, playskool i beleive, the dinosaurs were pretty awesome, and I loved them as a kid, but the cavemen always creeped me out a little bit. Think the imaginext line but like, 20 years agoish. It was cool

  • Definitely Dinosaurs was awesome…they used to smash and eat all of my GI Joes. The dinosaurs actually looked like real dinosaurs and were appropriately menacing.

  • Thanks for the name of the line! For years it's slipped my mind since Dino-Riders automatically pops in my head. I can practically hear the old TV ad song now.

    On another note: These guys? Definitely Not Human. They looks like Eternian Garbage Pail Kids, but they are strangely appealing. And seriously, that dude looks exactly like the Doctor to me.