“The Toy Masters” Documentary Trailer

Shows how out of the loop I am–evidently some enterprising He-Fans have made a documentary about the controversy surrounding who invented He-Man. I’ve touched on this before, but to my knowledge it’s never been examined as deeply as these filmmakers have gone about it.

I’d like to hope that it will settle the Roger Sweet/Mark Taylor debate once and for all, but that seems unlikely. Regardless, the documentary looks great, particularly for the stuff that doesn’t involve the who-invented-He-Man question and focuses on the franchise as a whole: there are interviews with Larry DiTillio, J. Michael Straczynski, Alan “Skeletor” Oppenheimer and Lou Scheimer, among many others.

Visit the film’s official website (warning: it’s noisy), and follow them on Twitter here.

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      1. Hmmm… I don't know how to answer that. I'll say, "Not conclusively"?? My standard line is, "we're not journalists". We're not out to uncover the truth, really (as if there even were one definitive "truth"). We're out to let these people tell their stories and reveal themselves through doing so. I think it will shed as much light on the subject for people to decide for themselves. But there are no huge "gotcha" events. It's much more subtle and nuanced than that. It's life: the grey areas.

  1. After having read Sweet’s book, his appearance in the trailer is nothing like what I imagined. I can’t wait to see this.

  2. I saw this trailer recently and I think the film looks fantastic! Even without an interest in the toys, there is some drama there that surpasses what I thought I knew about the bitterness associated with the creation of He-Man.

    A He-Man doc sounded like a fun fan project when I heard about it, but this thing is for real. This look like quality work and I will definitely see the entire thing as soon as it is available.

    I haven't seen many documentaries in the past few years, so the ability to use modern tech to show subjects what others have said rather than just quoting them is still new and fascinating to me. There is a lot of emotion captured in just this small tease.

  3. This looks very interesting and fun. Although it's hilarious to hear Lou Scheimer and his people say how they felt that they were doing works of art in the cartoon… Because the He-Man cartoon is absolutely awful. I mean completely unredeemable garbage. They spewed out horrible scripts, horrible animation and cheap vapid plotlines and logic. Ball Buster was a problem? I mean, have they watched any episodes of their show?

    I love documentaries and although at times this looks a bit like a wrestling shoot video, it definitely seems like it'll be a lot of fun. I'm buying a copy for certain.

  4. I think we could have another "King of Kong" on our hands here! Excellent from what I've seen so far, looking forward to seeing the full version!

    I love the interviews, they seem a bit more candid and off-the-cuff than the interviews we've seen in the supplemental material of the animated releases. I loved that quote from Lou Schimer around 4:00! "They just cared about selling toys, I didn't give a s*** about selling toys."

    Unrelated, but Larry DiTillio looks good, I think he's lost weight.

  5. Never knew He-Man got the Harry Potter treatment in its day, re: turning kids onto "the occult" or whatever. Looks like a really interesting doc.

  6. It looks great! I do film production for the dept. of health so I know how difficult it is to make a quality video with little staff of budget. My only worry is I lose even more respect for Mattel after this and end up selling my collection 🙁

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