Thoughts on the MOTUC Reveals

The Four Horsemen were kind enough to provide some glorious high-res studio shots of the MOTUC reveals from SDCC, so here’s my figure-for-figure thoughts on each one.

Demo-Man > Easily my favorite reveal among a lot of awesome reveals. Not only does he have a highly detailed, almost entirely original sculpt that’s dead-on to the artwork, but he comes with a bad-ass scimitar, a huge flail, and two extra heads, including an Alfredo Alcala-style Skeletor head, which will placed on my “default” Skeletor as soon as Demo-Man arrives. I’m not sure what the deal is with the other skull, though it reminds me of the Evilution Demon.

The Sorceress > At long last! Once again we had to wait years to get this central character, but at least she’s on her way. There’s been a lot of discussion about the blue on her wings, as they were entirely orange on the inside on the cartoon, but I prefer the blue myself–it’s an improvement.

Flipshot > The second New Adventures of He-Man character to make it into the line, the Four Horsemen once again did a great job of making him fit the Classics look. He’s had a surprisingly strong reception for an NA character–many fans are calling him one of the best reveals–and that’s mostly due to the Horsemen’s great job on the design.

Shadow Weaver > The long-demanded, Filmation-owned character finally gets an action figure. Mattel pulled one hell of a rabbit out of a hat by scoring the Filmation rights, and kudos for them for immediately getting Shadow Weaver out there.

There’s been a lot of complaints about her being the subscription figure. Given how much trouble Club Infinite Earths is having getting subscribers, however, I have to wonder whether it isn’t a shrewd move on Mattel’s part. Furthermore, I suspect the majority of Shadow Weaver fans are diehards who would be buying the subscription anyway. I mean, she’s a female character from She-Ra who never even had a vintage action figure. If I wasn’t a completist on MOTUC, I’m not sure even I would have wanted her (though she does have a cool design).

I know there are going to be people who disagree with me on this, of course. Just as I know there will be people who order a subscription and then cancel it as soon as Shadow Weaver arrives–which, personally, I think is a shitty thing to do, and why I think Mattel should put the incentive figures at the end of the sub year.

Fearless Photog > Holy crap. I mean, holy CRAP, right? Fearless Photog? We live in wondrous times, folks–wondrous times. I can honestly say I never thought Mattel would make this guy. Yet here he is! And he looks fantastic. I’m curious to see whether his bio says he was a member of Marlena’s crew.

It bugs me that FP and the other five “original characters” won’t be part of the subscription. More than ever, Mattel has to offer an opt-in option for subscribers on these items. I get why they don’t include new items like vehicles or beasts the first year they appear–presumably because they’re not sure what the price points are going to be–but they know how much figures are ($20), and can easily add them to the subscription.

Fisto > This pic doesn’t show the alternate head with the headband, the big belt, and–best of all–the giant sword. You may recall a fan making and selling a custom giant sword back in the Millennium era–that fan was none other than Joe Amaro himself!

Anyway, he looks great and has some nice accessories.

Snout Spout > MOTU’s lovable elephant man returns. I’m curious to see how posable his trunk will be (I’m sure it’s been said somewhere). I’m guessing it’s bendy, i.e., rubbery with wires in it.

I don’t have a whole lot to say here…I mean, it’s Snout Spout. He looks good. He’s an elephant man.

Kobra Khan > Another MOTU mainstay gets his Classics figure. Not pictured is his alternate head with the full hood. Nothing too drastic here, design-wise–just a classic MOTU character.

Draego-Man > Leave it to the Horsemen to create one heck of a badass figure. The SDCC pics differed slightly in that the shield had clear plastic orange flames around it and some sort of flame-whip, which I certainly hope are included with the final figure. But setting all that aside–how incredibly badass is this figure? And his name–it’s more Warrior Beasts than MOTU (which is cool with me–I love WB).

My one criticism, if this can even be considered a criticism, is that having a red dragon-man does steal a bit of Granamyr’s thunder. Maybe Draego-Man’s origin will somehow tie in to Granamyr to explain the similarity.

The Star Sisters (Jewelstar, Starla, and Tallstar) > …yeah. Look, I’ve made an effort to appreciate the POP characters in MOTUC, such as Adora and Catra. But I’m finding it hard to warm up to the Star Sisters. They’re very POP, in a way that Adora, Catra and Shadow Weaver aren’t. And apparently they only showed up in a single episode of the cartoon in an incredibly brief, toy-advertisement-style cameo. It seems much of their cult popularity is owing to the fact that, like Shadow Weaver or Fearless Photog, the toys the episode advertises were never actually made…(dramatic pause) UNTIL NOW.

I realize I sound like a five-year-old boy saying all that pink is a bit of a turn-off, but, well, it kind of is (oh, and girls are icky). If I’d had my druthers, Granamyr would have been the sub item and the Star Sisters the optional item, but I must accept that I am not in possession of my druthers. Welcome, Star Sisters.

The Wind Raider > First off, I’m a little disappointed the first vehicle isn’t the Battle Ram, which we’ve already seen a sculpt of. It’s my second-favorite MOTU vehicle (just behind the Talon Fighter). But that’s OK; I suspect it was a bit too large, and the brand managers couldn’t sell the Mattel execs on something that big without testing the waters with something smaller first.

The Wind Raider is a good test. The workhorse of the MOTU fleet, it probably has the most cartoon appearances aside from those flying sleds from the Battle Ram. I’ve always thought the colors were a bit drab, but the sculpt looks fantastic. What’s more, I suspect the pics don’t do justice to how big this thing must be.

And the fact that Mattel got the original box artist to do the new package’s art is just the icing on the cake.

Overall, 2012 looks like it’s going to be an amazing year for MOTU fans. Let’s just sit back and enjoy it.

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  • Wow, MOTUC figures I actually want. I may actually try to get demo-man, draego-man and perhaps even snout spout. I’m not going to kill myself on mattycollector though. I’ll get them second hand on amazon or something, unless they don’t sell out right away.

  • I am loving the face/head sculpt on Fisto & Demo-Man looks a 100 X cooler than I thought he would. Draego-Man looks great but it annoys me that he & Photog are not just a part of the sub. Poe you are right about the Star Sisters…they're is nothing wrong with them, just not seeing a lot to be excited about. That said I'm happy for the POP fans who want them!

  • Everything looks great including the Star Sisters; it is an across all lines, it was just a factor of time before the 'pink' invasion happens. Personally, I don't have anything against pink, one of my favorite collared shirts is pink. The Wind Raider was probably one of my most played with MOTUC toys along with the Talon Fighter and Road Ripper. I think out of everything, I am most excited to receive Kobra Khan. Yes, he is nearly a straight recreation (a little 200x thrown in there). But when the original and 200x were knock out figures, why change the formula? As odd as he is, even Photog looks like fun. I am very pleased with the coming 6 months. Except, Snout Spout, he was a lot of fun as a kid and a wonderful concept at that time; I just don't feel his original toy design stands well next to the other classic figures. I was hoping the 4H would've included his hands and feet from the staction. I understand they probably went with hands and feet that can be re-used for future figures; I'm just not happy with it, which is odd, he is the first figure I am really eh about. Oh well, besides Thunder Punch He-man, as a child, that version received a lot of play time. I am going with that it was due to the fact that he was basically a brightly colored cap gun He-man during a time when bright colors were all the rage. But man, everything else looks like so much fun. I was most concerned with how "Flipshot" or any NA-He-man would turn out after they did Optikk (which is awesome btw, I was just worried about the other toys from that line); my concerns are well put to rest.

  • Draego-Man is amazing, and my favorite figure of the reveals. Not digging the Star Sisters, and the only way a $60 set of those Rainbow Brite rejects sell is by making them a part of the sub. This almost caused me to not buy the sub in the first place especially since the other 30th Anniversary figures are not even included. I just can't pass up Shadow Weaver though, as I think she will be expensive on the secondary market being she is not a repaint of He-Man this time. Nice pics and previews of them, Poe. Always appreciate your candor.

  • I haven't gotten any MOTUC figures yet mostly due to the price point being just a bit much for me but I think Demo-Man and Draego-Man have officially sold me.

  • "Let’s just sit back and enjoy it."

    My thoughts exactly. 2012 is going to be amazing. One thing though… where's Thunder Punch He-Man? He was easily one of my favorites from the reveals, even if he's the umpteenth He-Man. I would have like a nice, clear pic of him.

  • I agree with Scott on the 30th figures. Not everyone is going to want them, and it didn’t seem right to include them in the subs. That being said they should have done a 30th subscription that way we still skip fighting the site every other month.

  • MOTUC is the most consistent, best toyline out there right now. It just keeps getting better.

    Flipshot is my favorite reveal, followed by Fisto. Snout Spout and Photog are great.

    The thing with Photog & Demo-Man, and I've thought this in the past with Carnivus/Marzo/Vikor…I would love to see Mattel make vintage versions of these characters. It'd be awesome to get real "vintage" versions of the new characters and would help tie them into the mythos even more. Especially Photog…releasing him as he was originally intended would be amazing.

  • Is it just me or does Kobra Khan's shins look more like feathers than scales? I wonder if they were made for some other figure before they were retasked for Khan.

    • Probably Skeletor. If you look at the vintage line, Skeletor's shins are not actual guards (as they are now), but rather, more like what they've used for the MOTUC Kobra Khan.

  • Great reveals by Mattel this time, and I am looking forward to several of them.

    But ferchrissakes, would you PLEASE just own up to it that you don’t like the Star Sisters because they are girl toys? I don’t care how old or mature you are, you don’t have to like them, and for exactly that reason. I’m sorry, but there is something icky about grown men excited about blatantly feminine toys like these.

    • Hopefully this doesn't ignite any flame wars or anything, but I agree. She-Ra, Catra, Shadow Weaver are all cool because they share a similar aesthetic with MOTUC. But POP should be its own line if they want to get this heavy into it…these figures just don't fit with MOTUC. These look like well-articulated Barbies.

  • By the way, fisto comes with all the elements to turn him into motu200x battle fist? I thought they werent gonna do that anymore.

  • The Star Sisters are just puzzling to me. To have a $60 3-pack as part of the sub, but then guys like Fearless Photog aren't part of it? Really should be the other way around. I can appreciate PoP being a part of this line, and outside of the sub, it'd be great. But a pricey 3-pack that's part of the sub should appeal to the larger fan interest.

    I've really come around to the Wind Raider. I was really hoping for Point Dread, but the 4H design is beautiful, and this thing just screams Classics to me. Although I could do without the grappling hook. We can't have a Kobra Khan with the squirting feature, but we get the white string and hook. Blech. I want a mister! 🙂

  • I've resigned myself to going without subscription this year. I'll have to track down Shadow Weaver on the secondary market (or find someone who doesn't want one).

    I'd already decided I'm passing on the DCUC sub (not wanting two of the first three figures announced, nor three of the four possible bonus figures). So, between cherry picking DCUC releases (Atrocitus at the very least) AND the six 30th anniversary figures AND any weapons packs AND another probable vehicle that will be released by the end of 2012), that's a minimum of at least seven or eight extra months worth of shipping if I already have the sub.

    So…as long as I find a Shadow Weaver for under $100 (and the first two average about $65 at SDCC) it makes more economic sense to hunt her down afterwards.

    Had there been a 30th anniversary subscription option (and the fact that there isn't baffles me) I'd have said screw it, but that's an extra $60-$70 in shipping right there.

  • I'd want a variant of Demo-man made of Glow in the dark plastic and Draego-man in gold would be cool since he reminds me of D & D draconians.

  • Toyguru said in an interview that Draego-man will come with three blades, being a scimitar, a flaming sword and a flaming whip and the shield will have a removable flame rim

  • I've got to agree about the Star Sisters. Everything looks amazing sculpt-wise including them, but I just can't get excited for them at all. Like Misterbigbo and Zach S. said, they're heavy on the girly Barbie look. Maybe if they had vintage figs back in the day, but I don't really see the reason to make an expensive 3-pack for characters that appeared once in the She-Ra cartoon. I won't mind Glimmer, Frosta, Entrapta and the rest of the chicks as much because at least they had their vintage toys. I might sell the Star Sisters pack.

    Anyway, I'm fully geeked for everything else. I may buy an extra Skeletor just to slap that Demo-Man head on!

  • is it just me, or does Fisto appear to have a new bicep with large bulging vein? This would be awesome, because the original figure had a massively big right arm.

  • Only after reading Poe's run down of motu character reveals at sdcc do I realize just how much new figures they showed at the con, and to think Poe missed a fig or two only adds to the fact that they're THAT many..

    I was seriously thinking of not subscribing for next year before SDCC, since I was trying to cut back on the un-needed toy expenses like character repaints (200x Evilyn, Hurricane Hordak etc.) as I always think the original releases were much better, anyways mattel did a heck of a job just reeling me back in.. when I learned that the sub figure is not a he-man repaint/redeco and was in fact shadow weaver it was a no brainer.

    I really wish there was a "pick your sub figures" subscription. Like a shopping cart where in you pick what figures you would like for the year, with mattel just setting a minimum amount like $350 or so before you can order, that way we can pick what figures we want to buy or avoid but at the same time mattel gets enough money from the motuc line. And being able to edit it like say 6months in advance would really help as we could probably add the non sub figs there or vehicle/weapon packs or stands or whatever we want to add..

    The sorceress would have to be my fave reveal for sdcc, followed of course by the windraider, I never had one as a child so this would be sort of like a childhood dream come true, except this time the windraider is more bad ar$e.. at first I was dissapointed it looks nowhere like the cartoon version but after a while you get used to it, and appreciate it more. With poe linking that pic of new battle ram at sdcc 2011, it felt kinda plain now unlike the windraider, that battle ram suddenly feels like the changes were not radical enough and still looks a bit more like the vintage version, while the new windraider looks like a really new rendition of the vehicle but classicsized.

    2012 will be a great year for motu!

  • Demo Man reminds me of a Scooby Doo villain. Sort of like a ghost pirate. I think it's his curved sword and long beard. If only he glowed in the dark. That would complete it.

  • Not enough for me to subscribe this year, but I am definitely in for Demo and Draego and, probably, Grany once they show him. Fisto and the Wind Raider will probably tempt me as well. I'm just buying what looks fun to me and, while I'm not a MOTUC collector, I'm thrilled for those who are this year.

  • People should keep in mind that there is a huge collector base for POP merchandise apart from it's He-Man connection.

    POP collectors have looked sadly at the prototype picture of the Star Sisters for years and this will probably get a fair amount of them to subscribe. Which is probably exactly why Mattel did them in the subscription.