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Darkwing Duck was part of the Disney Afternoon,  a great block of syndicated cartoons that ran for most of the 1990s. Pretty much every show on the Disney Afternoon was awesome: DuckTales, Gargoyles, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and so on.

Darkwing Duck was a semi-spinoff of DuckTales–Darkwing himself never appeared on the show, but the premise was inspired by the DuckTales episodes “Double-O-Duck” and “The Masked Mallard.” But enough regurgitating information you can find on Wikipedia–the important thing here is Playmates produced a line of toys based on Darkwing Duck. I owned a Darkwing figure myself, now sadly lost.

The merchandising for the various Disney Afternoon shows was spotty at best (the only show I can remember getting a full, decent toy line is Gargoyles), so it’s not surprising that the Darkwing Duck line only made it to one wave. However, as you can see above, we have some pics of what the second series would have looked like, and it would have been painfully awesome. I would have given my right eye in a Faustian bargain for that Gizmoduck alone.

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  • Oh wow, although I remember some of the characters from series one,would have second series had more characters that are imprinted in my head….I wish these were on netflix…

  • I owned Bushroot and Megavolt, and they were awesome.

    I would have loved a Liquidator.

  • George, the series is on DVD and can be had for reasonable prices; that's what I did.

    I even dug out my old Darkwing figures for my daughter to play with. I'm glad they made what they did and I'm glad to have them, but they really weren't any great shakes. I had to put poster tack in Darkwing's hand to get him to hold his gun securely, for example. The "big 5" articulation was nothing to write home about, either.

    Still and all, they looked nice and I would've kept buying them if they'd kept making them.

  • If I recall correctly, Disney Afternoon had a big push with Kellog's Cereal. I remember a slew of Disney Afternoon themed pack in toys from Talespin, Darkwing, and Rescue Rangers. Or this could all be wishful thinking,

    • you are correct sir! i forget if they all came as a mail-a-way set or just individually in boxes of cereal, bu i know for a fact i ended up with a little pvc uncle scrooge, gizmoduck, dale, and one of the duckling nephews, me thinks…

  • Much love for Disney Afternoon, and the WLVI Kids Club. Those were the days. Hanging out with friends in the afternoons which seemed to stretch on forever and we had the rule of the roost! I liked Darkwing Duck, but I think it always was a second to Duck Tales and Chip & Dales's for me.

  • Who was in Series 1? All I remember was Darkwing, Megavolt and Bushroot. It looks like at the very least we would have gotten the Fearsome Five, which is amazing.

  • Goddammit, I would've bought the hell out of this series.

    Wave one had eight figures: Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn, Honker, Bushroot, Megavolt, Steelbeak and Tuskernini.

  • I love darkwing duck more than a grown man should…such a great toon. I wish they would make toys of the disney toons now!

  • Wow, great job Poe. You finally finished this after half a year!

  • Even though it's not a show that people regularly associate with the Disney Afternoon, The Mighty Ducks had a pretty fleshed out toy line. In fact, I found most of them in a thrift store a few weeks back. Also, I remember there being a Tale Spin line, as it had a severely out of scale Sea Duck.

  • Forgotten Lore — my new favourite attraction here. I loved Darkwing Duck, and I was fond of the toys. My little brother got some which I often checked out. Series 2 looks like it would have been a doozy. But in those days? It probably wouldn't have sold very well. Pity.

    This just reminds me how much we desperately need a Cartoon Legends toyline, as ridiculously pain-in-the-ass as it would be to create.

  • Darkwing Duck is one of my favorite things Disney ever did. Nega Duck is the greatest villain in the entire history of Disney in my opinion. I would have given anything for a Nega Duck toy.

    I still have some of my Darkwing toys. I have DW himself, and Steel Beak. I think I might still have Mega Volt too, but I'm not sure.

    That's a great find Poe.

    QuakerJack, Liquidator, Morgana, and Nega Duck would be so awesome to have.

    I'm surprised Disney hasn't started their own line of articulated animated action figures from their movies and tv series. In scale and compatible versions of the Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Tail Spin, Jungle Book, Aladdin, etc seems like a money maker for them. I'd certainly buy them if they were articulated and reasonably priced.

    • For some reason,Disney figurines or action figures are almost always half-assed. I'd be all over good figures of all the duck related characters.