Bat-Week | Review > Batman & Joker Mez-Itz (Mezco)

In the early 2000s there was an explosion of minifigures in the collectors’ market: Minimates, Pocket Heroes, Kubricks, Stikfas, and Shockinis, just to name a few. Some were clearly inspired by the classic LEGO minifigures, while others focused more on customizability and interchangeable parts. My personal favorite minifigures were the original Mez-Itz by Mezco. Unlike […]

Bat-Week | Review > Batman (Arkham Asylum, DC Direct)

For the aesthetic design of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios chose to walk a line between the realism of the Christopher Nolan Batman films and the comic books. While some characters, such as the Scarecrow, deviated significantly from their comic or movie incarnations, others remained fairly truthful to one form or another. The game’s Batman […]

Welcome to Bat-Week!

This was the first summer in years that I watched some of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. It’s not that I don’t love sharks–I do (JAWS is my favorite film). But by the time I was a teenager I’d already watched a lot of shark nature shows, so I suppose I figured there wasn’t much […]