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It’s kind of too bad, since some of the toys have been good; but Green Lantern was sadly the worst comic book movie I saw this summer. Admittedly, I’m probably more of a Marvel guy, but their movies were all quite good.

Still, if Eternia had a Green Lantern assigned to that sector, you would probably expect him to be, well, He-Man with a domino mask. Or a big, muscular alien. Yet, Skeletor and Hordak and that lot get beat down by strong guys all the time, and don’t seem to have learned a lesson…

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  • I know, right?! Carol Ferris was twelve years-old, had sex with Andy Samberg and couldn't act her way into anything other than a CW soap opera. Ryan Reynolds, who is a hilarious actor (and pretty good too, as anyone who saw "The Nines" can attest) was totally wasted in a role that not only didn't let him be funny very often but didn't even have a character arc. He didn't grow or change, he simply realized that if he interacted with an eight foot tall alien, there was probably some foreshadowing at hand.

    The worst insult was Sinestro, who by all means, shouldn't have even been in the movie by the way they treated him, but he was cast perfectly and then cast aside in favor of having a B-quality actor slowly morph into the average comic book fan because they couldn't figure out how to have Galactus from the second Fantastic Four movie be threatening.

  • It would probably be a green zodac,lol at the strategically cut out lanterns.