Happy Leech Day!

“Leech Day”? Yuck.

Anyway, Leech and his pal Hec-Tor “Hurricane Hordak” Kur (35-7-2; 24 kayos) are on sale at 12pm ET today, along with Chief Carnivus, a Retro-Action Kyle Rayner (sad to see that line limping to its doom…wish we could have gotten a Joker) and two JLU three-packs, JLU three-packs. Here’s the link to the all-in-one page.

Leech was easily one of my favorite He-Man figures of all time, and like King Hsss, my fondness for his figure outlasted my fondness for the line as a whole. I’m curious to see how his MOTUC figure turned out.

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  • Re: Curious
    See Pixel Dan's review. For a guy like Pixel Dan to prefer the staction says a lot.

  • I watched Pixel Dan’s review of Leech, and can’t figure out why the torso is so wide at the waste. From an aesthetic perspective, he ‘s the first figure that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the line. Just my $0.02.

  • Wow… a Matty day and only thee comments? TEH LEIN EES DEEAD!!!

    Very much looking forward to both Leech and Hector Elizondo.

    I gotta admit tho, this is the first time I've been left feeling the Staction is the better version.

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