Follow up to the Alien review, or THE HORROR

MechaShiva mentioned that he’d seen a different version of the “Alien Power” figures, and lo and behold, eBay gives us


Just what every kid wants, a fetus with ichthyosis. What is with that awful head? Pardon me while I throw up.


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  • I am cleaning out my basement. I have a large box. This box once held a Robo Force Fortress of Steel. (1980's toy). I do not have the fortress …. just the box. I had packed my son's toddler clothes in this box. I was about to throw the box away and I realized how old the box actually is. I believe many collect these old toys. Therefore, I wanted to check and see if a collector for these toys may have an interest in this box ? Does anyone know where to direct me for something like this?

    • Try…they have forums and it's home to a pretty big community of collectors. Or just throw it on eBay and see what people are willing to pay for it!

  • Hokay,I was even more horrified finding a repaint of this figure having green dusting paint than brown.