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  • It’s officially Christmastime here in the Poe household, and the holiday action figures are already on display. I’m a bit disappointed in what I’ve found at Target–not too many of those little exclusive Christmas-themed toys this year. I saw a couple Cars Hot Wheels but that was about it…nothing as cool as, say, this Smurfs set from a couple years ago.
  • Mattycollector’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale was pretty crazy, eh? Practically every MOTUC figure ever made showed up over the course of the sale, right up to Tri-Klops, whom people seemed to have been clamoring for. I wasn’t planning on getting anything and even I caved for a $10 Trap Jaw and a $6 Weapons Rack. (I really need to review the Weapons Rack…it’s really a great set.)
  • I’ve got a new list at Topless Robot: The 10 Best Original LucasArts Adventure Characters – Topless Robot This was a really fun list to write. It’s time the world recognized the greatness of Murray, Bernard and Manny, to say nothing of Guybrush Threepwood. It made me want to go back and play all those old games–Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle really need some HD updates.
  • IAT beat me to the MonsterArts Godzilla review, but my figure should arrive by tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get mine out by the end of the week.
  • I’ve got a surprise coming for PGPoA’s four-year anniversary on Thursday. Most of you can probably already guess what it is (if you’ve been paying attention you can probably even find it).
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  • I caved myself… picked up a Weapons Rack & the Eternian Palace Guards. Two items that I'd initially passed on.

    • In spite of myself I picked up Mossy and the guards. I figure my Detolf should smell like hot sick once Stinkor shows up!

  • I managed to get Teela, and two Palace Guard sets. I've needed Teela for forever, and intially didn't want the Palace Guards, but at $20 apiece I couldn't resist.

  • I got a Battleground Teela (a figure I've been waiting to get when the right price came along), Captain Glenn (only because she has a bubble helmet), and Goddess (only for the unpainted He-man harness) when everything went 50% off.

    • And the hip on the Goddess shattered while I was just trying to take her out of the package. Glad I only paid $10. Oh well, I got my new He-man power vest and spear, so I'm…happy? Capt. Glenn and Teela rock though, like both of them more than I thought I would.

  • I dropped by MattyCollector on Monday morning and grabbed a Palace Guards set for $20!!! Couldn't pass it up (and couldn't believe they were selling individual figs for $10)!

  • I scored Webstor and Goddess on Monday, but someone didn't know about the sale until then so I missed out on Teela (and Grayskull v2, which i only kinda want as i have v1) which is all thats keeping me from being totally caught up – damn!

    And Poe, a Target, in the stocking-stuffer section, I saw rankin-bass Pop! bobbleheads for $4.99. They have Santa, Snowman, Rudolph and, wait for it, Heat & Cold Misers.