6 thoughts on “Pic of the Day > The Last Temptation of Sunshine by Ridureyu”

    1. M.U.S.C.L.E.S. are from a wrestling anime called Kinikkuman so,there would be varying toys from it like action figues and big figures.

    2. The giant one is from a 7" scale line from Japan made by a company called Romando. A ton of the MUSCLE figures have larger scale representations in this line. Sunshine is about 13" tall.

      The coolest thing about the Romando line of figures, to me, is that the scale is accurate and ridiculously wide-ranging; normal-sized characters are about 7", while there are some huge characters that reach up to 14"-15".

    3. Yeah, the ROmandoh Sunshine is about 12"-13" tall, and i've had it since 1999 or so. NOWADAYS, it goes for exhorbitant amounts.

      The two smaller figures are from a Pokka coffee promotion in Japan, and about 2 1/2" tall. The halo came from Planetman from the same series.

  1. Some Romandoh figures were rotocast, some were injection-molded. Most had ball-joints if they were the latter, swivel if the former. Sunshine is rotocast, and actually his legs are stiff, but it's good because it means he will not fall over.

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