Odds ‘n Ends > DCAS Series 2, Muppets

The big news this week was the reveal of DC All Star Series 2–showing up on Comic Book Resources, interestingly. (Click here to go straight to the pics.) The series includes New 52 Superman and Flash, dark Supergirl from the Superman/Batman storyline, and, at long last, the Red Robin I’ve been waiting for since 2009. There’s […]

Review > Nordic Alien (Alien Series, Shadowbox Collectibles)

Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I have been living in Salem since August and visiting the Liberty Tree Mall fairly frequently since our arrival. However, we usually only visited the large storefronts like Target and Kohl’s, and scarcely realized there was an entire indoor mall behind them. We finally went in yesterday and, in the course […]

Guest Review > Holiday Spud

Mr. Potato Head is spruced up for the holidays with all new mix ‘n match parts for some Christmas fun! Whenever a new Mr. Potato Head arrives, I am driven by some bizarre compulsion to go out and get him. Of course you might wonder why Hasbro is releasing Mr. Potato Head dressed up as […]