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  • Interesting news on the Reign of Supermen. Re-sculpts or not, I'll be glad to finally add a Steel to my collection.
    I have to say I was hoping for a scaled up Doomsday as part of the sub though…

  • Poe, off topic but I just got home from Toys R Us and they had NECA Predator 2 figures, all featuring the improved leg articulation (swivel/hinge hips, thighs and double knees). How could I have missed that these were coming out? They were $17.99 each. Although I did not have the money on me to get one, I figured you should know asap.

  • I really hope the Doomsday is NOT a new sculpt, b/c then Mattel is forcing you to buy 4 other figures many people already have to get him. I'd rather he be sold on their online service by himself.

    • Two reasons: I'm not that big on the character (he's an obvious attempt at saving money by re-using the Godzilla parts), and he's going to cost $15 more, evidently.

      I'm not a big Heisei-era fan, honestly, but between this and the IDW comics, Toho seems to be pushing the Heisei era hard.

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