Toy Aisle Trolls > Mini…Mortal…Bat…Star…man ah forget it.

Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT

Poester HA sends along not one, not two, but three TATs found at two different TRUs in our friendly northern neighbor, Canada. Well, friendly except that they apparently also have douchebags who steal toys.

12 thoughts on “Toy Aisle Trolls > Mini…Mortal…Bat…Star…man ah forget it.”

  1. Speaking on a side track, has anyone seen the 5 1/2 inch Toys'R'Us exclusives Mortal Kombat figures they literally look like the dollar ninja shown up there or worse.

    1. And they were being sold for 50,sculpts don't even look like ninjas,they look like terrorists with frightened eyes abut to press the detonate button.

  2. can someone buy that swapped sinestro bats/two-face pack for me? i'd love a spare starman head and sinestro corps bats body.

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