Win a set of DC Direct’s Arkham City: Series One!

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The first wave of DC Direct Arkham City figures sold out in moments on the site of PGPoA sponsor Figure of the Day. But don’t worry, they’ll have more in stock next week! Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

The good news is, you still have a chance to get a set absolutely free! The folks at Figure of the Day have kindly offered up a set for a contest here on PGPoA.

Here’s how to enter: in the comments below, write a letter to Santa with your geekiest wish list. It can be toys or Blu-Rays or whatever, but what I’d really like to see is more pie-in-the-sky stuff, such as:

  • A good Transformers live-action movie
  • A 6″ modern Batman action figure with double-jointed elbows and knees
  • Pre-order service on Mattycollector
  • Guillermo Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness getting greenlit
  • The return of Mezco’s comic Hellboy line
  • ….and so on

The winner will be selected randomly from among the entries, but I’ll write up a post with some of my favorites.


  • One entry per person.
  • U.S. residents only (sorry!)
  • Everyone but my close friends and family are eligible.
  • Contest ends at 11:59pm ET on Sunday, December 18.
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  • Dear Santa

    I have been lawfully good this year and would like to have

    *A cyclops xmen figure with articulation on his bicep so he actually looks like he is using his visor
    *Time to play SWTOR and Skyrim
    * Final Fantasy 7 and 9 remade on the PS3
    * an R rated Bioshock Movie
    * A true resident evil movie


  • Dear Santa,

    I would like to be in the United States for Christmas for the first time since 2008, so that I can see my friends and family and, on a shallower, more selfish, geekier level, so that I don’t have to wait until July to get all the toys I’ve been ordering online since August and having shipped to my dad’s place.



  • I would like, or actually demand:

    1. DC Direct to add Blackest Night articulation to all lines.

    2. To get a perfect, modern (Jim Lee or DCNU suit) Batman with great sculpt, paint, articulation, accessories, and a cloth cape. Then expand this line to other eras and characters. Need a great Two Face, Ra’s, Riddler, and Catwoman too and a suited Hugo Strange.

    3. A movie Masters 6″ Christopher Reeve by the 4 Horsemen.

    4. Return the Hawkman comic to something that resembles Geoff Johns great run and bring back Hawkgirl.

    5. More comic props at reasonable prices from DC Direct.

    6. A fully functioning Tumbler and Keaton Batmobile, life sized.

    7. More DC cartoons in the style of Young Justice.

    8. Arkham Asylum halloween costumes not by Rubies.

  • Dear Santa,

    How are you? I am fine. I was very very good this year and I was hoping you could get me as much of this list as possible. Thanks in advance and give Rudolph my love.

    ~ The Original DC Universe. This relaunch stuff sucks. It’s like the 90s all over again. But without the charm of holo-foil.

    ~ A good Ryan Reynolds super-hero movie. Hopefully Deadpool.

    ~ That rumor that Netflix might try to make new Firefly episodes? Could you make that happen? Please?

    ~ Would it be too much for a really great Marvel Universe scale Hulk figure?

    ~ I need a white Tron Identity Disc. Not for me but for a friend.

    ~ I know this is a lot but could you drop something heavy on Michael Bay as you fly by?

    ~ I want to play pinata with that Matty guy’s paper mache’ head.

    Thanks Santa!



  • Dear Santa,

    All I want for christmas this year is;

    12″ Ghostbusters busting

    11 Doctor figures sonic screwing

    10th Anniversary Halo a celebrating

    9 toybiz black riders a ridin

    8″ thunder cats a hooooo’in (cause the 6 inch change is silly)

    7th Mario Kart a racing

    6 player game of risk globally a dominating

    5 golden one rings for each finger

    4 ninja turtles

    3 slaughters maurauders

    2 laser guns

    And a demo man to be delivered before the new year

  • Dear Santa, please render unto me:
    Big O Season 3
    For Prometheus to bring the spirit and pure awesomeness of the first two Alien movies back to the franchise
    A REALLY GOOD Justice League movie
    More seasons of Justice League Unlimited
    That Nolan Bane used Venom
    A complete set of 6 inch scale Venture Brothers action figures
    A line of Elder Scrolls action figures (seriously, why can't this happen?)
    The return of Stargate Atlantis to the airwaves

  • Dear Santa,
    Seeing that my name will most assuredly be on the "nice" list this year, I would like the following items-
    A set of the BBTS Dreadnok and Slaughter's Marauders GI Joes
    A brand new series of Battle Beasts, as I do not wish to wait until next year
    A series of 4 inch Firefly toys that do not completely suck
    A better distribution system for hard to find GI Joes

  • Dear Santa What I want for Christmas is:
    Joss Whedon announcing a new Firefly/Serenity movie and/or television show
    A scale replica model of the TARDIS which is in fact bigger on the inside
    Simon Pegg showing up at my house just to say "You've got red on you" and then leaving
    The ability to forget how awful the Green Lantern movie was
    Follow Up: Please make the new Superman movie not suck
    A Power Rangers television special reuniting the original Rangers (RIP Thuy Trang)
    A functional replica of the Lancer along with a Locust invasion or Zombie apocalypse to hit so it would get some use

  • Edit: Forgot to provide email, please delete first post

    Dear Santa What I want for Christmas is:
    Joss Whedon announcing a new Firefly/Serenity movie and/or television show
    A scale replica model of the TARDIS which is in fact bigger on the inside
    Simon Pegg showing up at my house just to say "You've got red on you" and then leaving
    The ability to forget how awful the Green Lantern movie was
    Follow Up: Please make the new Superman movie not suck
    A Power Rangers television special reuniting the original Rangers (RIP Thuy Trang)
    A functional replica of the Lancer along with a Locust invasion or Zombie apocalypse to hit so it would get some use

  • Dear Santa,
    What I want for Christmas is:
    A visit from Kermit the Frog
    Palisades Collectibles back, and making Muppet action figures again (along with another run of their INSANELY RARE Fairly OddParents line)
    A Hot Toys Jay and Kay 2-pack for Men In Black 3 (at the price point of a DX figure)
    A revival of Gargoyles
    An action figure line for collectors of Gargoyles, possibly by Mattel (they deal with the Mouse already)
    A Power Rangers season of Gokaiger soon.
    A Disney Animated canon adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors (RIP Howard Ashman)
    A Duck Dodgers miniseries written by Paul Dini
    Freakazoid in the main DCU
    Peter Jackson's Elm Street sequel to be made. (Whether animated, comic book, or actual live-action movie).

  • Dear Santa,

    For Christmas, please stop the following reboots, remakes and sequels from being made:
    -Cowboy Bebop
    -(Any other boardgames in the works)
    -The Crow
    -Transformer 4
    -Evil Dead
    -The Howling
    -BOTH SNow Whites
    -Total Recall
    -Wolverine Origins
    -Stretch Armstrong
    -Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    -Clash of the Titans 2
    -Indiana Jones 5
    -Judge Dredd

    I may not have been the best this year, but I know all the people making these are on the naughty list, so really it's a win win. Thank you and may Batman be with you.

  • By US Residents, does this mean 48 Continental States? or does it include Alaska, Hawaii and the US Territories close to the US such as Puerto Rico?

    In any case here's My Letter!

    Dear Santa:
    First of all I'd like to thank Lauren Faust for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I shall leave you some chocolate chip cupcakes on Christmas Eve! Please leave her something nice under her tree!
    Now, what I'd like to see underneath my Christmas Tree is the Following: (It's multiple choice… pick as many as you want or can do depending on my niceness level!)

    -Better Resources for Mattel, so they can have better paid employees, cause they're so poor that they have to sell the clothes on their backs to make the toys! Maybe you could lend them some elves or something… Cause they know how to assemble shoulders and horse legs correctly! And maybe some of that Reideer food for the Cornerstone Logistics people!

    -Help Hasbro make Show Accurate Ponies… It's not cool that the toys look nothing like the cartoon counterparts…

    -A chance to shake Cam Clarke's hand… I mean he was Leonardo, Simba, Mr, Fantastic, Thor, He-Man, AND Liquid Snake… He's like my favorite VA Ever!

    -A New Silverhawks Toyline with Modern articulation!

    P.S. Just don't send me a Partridge in a pear tree… Cause the Partridge always escape and I have nowhere to put the tree.

  • For Christmas, I'd like a good transformers movie. Lets start by firing Michael Bay, and hiring a competent director such as Brad Bird, Ridley Scott, or just let Senor Speilbergo take the job himself. Let's give the robots distinct personalities and depth to their character, and minimize the human interaction. No More Labuff. Let's spend a lot of time on Cybertron, add some depth into the civil War and design the robots with a mix between Generation 1 and Beast Wars. Icing on the cake would be Dinobots, one or more combiner and death that actually meant something.

  • Dear Santa —

    I would like an action figure line consisting of all my favorite intellectual properties in a consistent scale with at least 36 points of articulation each. The line should include, but not be limited to: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, One Piece, Firefly/Serenity, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Muppets, Lone Wolf & Cub, Akira, Alice in Wonderland, Judge Dredd, Saiyūki and Battle of the Planets. Generic figures (policemen, firemen, ninjas, pirates, etc.) would be great, too, but vehicles and playsets would be awesome, if you can manage it. I'd prefer a 6-7" scale, but given the volume of toys that could entail, I'd be content with something around 4" as well.

    Oh, and if you want to take them out of the packages to set them up around the Christmas tree and play with them a bit, that's okay by me!

  • A deluxe, Absolute-like collection of all of Norm Breyfogle's Batman work. All the issues, all the covers, sketches, etc.

    A Breyfogle Batman B&W statue (notice a theme here?)

    action figure, statue, anything, based on Talia al Ghul

  • Dear Santa,
    Wow, crazy year, huh? Hopefully, my "nice" points have outweighed the "naughty", and if so, If it's not to much trouble, could you have your elves whip up the following?
    6-inch highly articulated and detailed figures of Christopher Reeves as Superman and Michael Keaton as Batman– with the Four Horsemen as North Pole consultants
    A complete set of G1 Transformers Dinobots reissues– I'm sure your elves still have the blueprints on file somewhere.
    While we're at it, we might as well throw in G1 Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, Jetfire, Roadbuster, Trainbots, Victory Saber, Road Caesar, Deathsaurus, Overlord, Metalhawk, Fortress Maximus, and Shockwave reissues.
    Hmm, I think that's it. And oh yes, peace on Earth and good will towards all.
    Cheers, to you and yours, especially that hot wife of yours,

  • Dear Toy Santa (as opposed to Taco Santa)

    I would like reality to be altered in such a way that these things are available and can happen and that I could afford them…

    Hot Toys Ghostbusters
    A lightsaber
    Mass Effect 3 early
    GI Joe 2 to be so good it actually improves the first
    A job in animation (EL OH EL MOVE TO KOREA)
    All that stuff that everyone else wishes would change at MattyCollector
    TF Club Devastator
    For the transformers collectors club and botcon to learn how to properly use twitter
    Hasbro to make animated Omega Supreme and leader class animated Lugnut
    Dino-Riders to be reissued and the cartoon released to DVD/BR
    Transformers Animated season 3 on DVD
    A new Star Wars FPS, back to the Dark Forces roots, pre jedi stuff
    Health Insurance
    More 6" Marvel movie figures so I can get some villians and stuff
    Transformers Animated season 4+ in comic form with DJW, Marty Isenberg and Marcelo Matere on permanent staff
    A boston creme donut

  • Hot Toys comic-based Batman (or DCU in its entirety) line
    DC Direct to get Arkham City figures out within, oh…three months or so of the announced release dates

  • Howdy Santa! Sorry for smoking and cussin' so much this year but i've been really nice to everyone…My Christmas wishes are:
    1. DST to get the DC license back for Minimates, as well as securing licenses for Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and a building set line for MOTU.

    2. Fully articulated Ghostbusters terror dogs that can be retooled as Count Marzo's crazy rat-beasts.

    3. Across-the-board price drop on all toys – I mean, come on…let's be reasonable, folks.

    4.Mattel will at the very least make enough figures for everyone so we won't have to clench our butts to diamond-making tensions while we watch the WSOD.

    5. Better QC on all figures, please stop throwing the paint, there's a nice way to do that. I'm looking at you, Marvel Universe… (but not just you-that's right, Mattyboy.)

    6. Ditto to Bandai with the new Thundercats line. The paint apps have been so bad there that they merited their own spot on the list.

    7. The good folks who used to work at Toybiz winning the lottery and buying both Mattel and Hasbro, merging them and their licenses under the Toybiz banner and most importantly re-teaching them how the action figure was perfected.

    8. Peace on Earth.

    9. Good will to all men.

    Enjoy your cookies and milk, Mr. Kringle. Brandy's in the cabinet if it get's nippy.


  • Yo, Kringle!
    I know you havent visited in a while so I dont expect any presents. Instead I would like you to give these gifts to other people.
    To Mattel/Digital River, one hundred strength servers.
    To Hasbro, a new head of distribution solely for the GI Joe License. Also, since you've been good and gave us an Airtight this year, The funding for a full run of M.A.S.K. toys
    To Diamond Select Toys, the DC License back for MiniMates.
    To George Lucas, his ability to see,hear, and think again. He must have lost it years ago.

  • All I want for Christmas is:

    1. A constantly produced, easily available and complete series of Classics/Generations Transformers
    2. Lower toy prices across the board, with the same or better quality
    3. No quality control issues on MOTUC for a whole year
    4. A job with a major toy company where I get to create and/or design awesome toys all day
    5. Palisades Toys to rise from the grave and make more Muppets, Sesame Street, and Army of Darkness
    6. SOTA to start producing figures of the same quality as their prime Street Fighter stuff all the time, preferably of Street Fighter characters.
    7. I'm stealing American Legend's #7, because it's almost exactly the same thing I was going to say.

    And that's enough dreaming for now.

    Safe travels! Don't forget your scarf! It gets chilly in a sleigh, especially up that high.

  • Dear Santa,

    I would like Mattel to make more and better DCUC figures.

    I would like Mattel to give me a Grayskull playset.

    I would like Mattel to do more filmation figures in MOTUC.

    Thanks Santa!

  • Dear Santa, or toy companies around the world I would like to have the following:
    -The return of NECA TMNT 6 inch line.
    -DCUC Scale Batmobile
    -DCUC rerelease of the UK Exculsive Batsignal
    -Re-release of Anothony Carmine with full articulation (NECA)
    -A Hot Toys Comic-Accurate Batman.
    -Masterpiece Hound or Jazz or MIrage.
    -Proper 3 3/4 inch DC Line
    -A second wave of Indie Figures (Like the Dick Tracy/Tick Line)
    -A DVD release of Everyone Hates Cris.
    -The Return Of Dave Chappelle

  • Dear Santa,

    In the unlikely event that I am on your "Nice" list this year, may I please have the following?
    -Please have Hasbro solve all their distribution "problems" so I can easily get the figures I want without having to bother you.
    -Another really good line of Muppet action figures.
    -A line of super articulated figures based on Ray Harryhausen's creations. Figures that are 100% screen accurate.
    -Please have people stop whining about Mattel and just stop buying their stuff!
    -Oh, and Peace on Earth, if you can.

    Thanks Santa!

  • 1) The Return of the Muppets Toy Line to full form
    2) High quality figures based on the comic Invincible
    3) The return of Mezco's Attack of the Living Dead
    4) Mattel brings back the "Food Fighters" line.
    5) M.A.S.K. toys as a GI Joe subset
    6) Conner Kent Superboy in his black shirt/blue jeans look in DCUC/All Stars
    7) 6" Gargoyles line of figures by Mattel (Disney owns Marvel/Gargoyles, which would be interesting as Mattel works with DC/WB)
    8) A Gargoyles/Batman crossover comic
    9) A working lightsaber
    10) A hoverboard
    11) A job for next year if my contract is not renewed so I can buy some of these things if they happen

  • Dear Santa

    All I want for Christmas is a release of King of the Hill seasons 7 – 13 on DVD. Also, if you have time, please cancel that Allen Gregory show.

  • Dear Santa:

    This year I would really love to have the following:

    1. "Classics" Ultra Magnus with FansProject City Commander kit
    2. Mortal Kombat Retro Ninja 4-pack
    3. Wormhole to a pocket dimension where I can store all my toys (I'm running out of space!)

    and, least likely of all,

    4. Free shipping from!

  • Dear Santa

    This year i would like a couple of things
    1. less humans in the transformers movies i don't care what the humans are doing
    i just want to see the robots fighting and doing cool stuff
    2. arnold to do the king conan movie
    3. let me pick a wave of marvel legends and the build a figure and yes it would be the lethal foes of spiderman and a giant build a figure of master mold
    4.all the movie transformers toys removed from all the toy shelves so we get new stock of cool transformers
    5.and i want to go to comic con

  • Dear Santa,

    I've been a slightly good boy this year (if grading on a curve), and wanted to give you some guidance on what to deliver on the evening of the 24th –

    1992 Dodge Viper, Red – low miles, please.
    The remainder of the JLU figures that Matty is holding hostage.
    That Grendel figure that the one company that rhymes with 'Crocker' made – well, supposedly made. Oh, and the Grendel Prime figure, too. That they supposedly made.
    Ask McFarlane to restart the Movie Maniacs line, and make me one of the monsters from Pitch Black.

    Oh – one last thing – world peace – not for the world though, but for the board, cuz man, some people there are in serious need of an enema, or something.


  • My apologies if this posts twice, I don't know what happened to my first post, anyway…

    Dear Santa:

    This year I would like the following for Christmas:

    1. "Classics" Ultra Magnus with FansProject's City Commander upgrade
    2. Mortal Kombat Retro Ninja 4-pack. Toasty!
    3. Wormhole to a pocket dimension where I can store my toys (I'm running out of space!)

    and, least likely of all,

    4. Free shipping from!

  • Dear Jolly Ole St. Nick,

    This year my list is shorter than usual. I only want 10 things.

    1. Batman the 1966 series on Blu Ray or DVD (I'm reasonable. Just make at least one. We've waited long enough.)

    2. Singly Carded Star Wars Lego Minifigures. I would also like the price point to be 3.99 or under for my other friends who don't believe in you.

    3. E's mom's phone number.

    4. The Blank from the Dick Tracy toy line. You accidentally forgot that 20 years ago.

    5. A 3 3/4" death star playset (accurate to scale of course).

    6. Zaranna, Sgt. Slaughter and a Skystriker as Starscream on the shelves of toy stores. You don't even have to bring one to me. I'll go get it.

    7. Matty's home address.

    8. 100 pounds of C4.

    9. MOTUC Modulock and Mantenna.

    10. Lord of the Rings Legos in 2012. 😉

    Your Pal,


  • Dear Santa,
    I would very much appreciate:
    *Classics Fort Max & Scorponok
    *Kamen Rider & Tiger & Bunny Figuarts
    *Sleepwalker, Speedball, Darkhawk, Squirrel Girl, and Nightmare Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, Superhero Squad, and Minimates
    *A Tardis, if it doesn't actually travel, then that would be okay, I mainly want one for the spacious living quarters and storage.
    (Castle Greyskell would be cool too if that would be easier.)
    *A return to the DC universe prior to the new 52, with Steph back as Batgirl. Maybe Tim or Bruce unravel all the contradictions in this new reality and seek help in figuring out a way to change it back.

  • Dear Santa,

    I've been really good this year and all i want for Christmas is;
    – A MOTUC figure that I don't have to worry about reversed shoulders, loose ankles, broken hips, etc…
    – 3 3/4 scale DC superhero figure that has more articulation than that of figures from the mid 90's
    – More 80's inspired cartoon figures to help relive my childhood.
    – An updated Captain Powers figure line
    – and finally more time to play my video games.

    Thanks Santa!

  • * The return of MUSCLE
    * More Fist of the North Star Revoltech
    * A good dub for both above shows.
    * A conclusion to Pirates of Dark Water
    * A King of Fighters 3 3/4" series with the characters I actually want.
    * All my favorite fantasy novel series to conclude before the authors die.
    * My two front teeth (not a joke. Mine have been cracked since 1993)

  • Dear Anti-Santa of the Mirror Universe,
    Please take away my predilection for making purchases of plastic I grow to regret,
    And the NBC executives that want to can "Community",
    And the Transformers film franchise from Michael Bay,
    And last, and most importantly, the Star Wars franchise and my childhood away from George Lucas.

  • Dear Santa,

    How are you? I've been doing alright this year, keeping myself out of trouble. This Christmas, I would only want one of two things: either have Shocker Toys release their Series 2 and 3 by 2012 for the benefit of all, or have them return my pre-order fee. I know the second is somewhat selfish, but I'm already down 100 bucks with them and I don't think it's fair.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Santa,

    I would like an end to nerd rage, along with two helpings of peace on earth and good will toward men…right since that’s not happening.
    1. A Castle Grayskull in MOTUC that kicks ass and is not $500.
    2. Go back in time ala’ Superman and spin the world around and tell me the Star Sisters never happened, and we are getting a 3 pack of Horde Troopers instead next year.
    3. NECA gets the classic Clash of the Titans license and they decide to release a 24 inch Ray Harryhausen Kraken!
    4. Hot Toys comic based Batman line with; Croc, Bats and Scarecrow first.
    5. Mezco redoes the Hellboy Golden Army figure in scale with 6 inch figures instead of 3 3/4 inch, meaning we get 12′ inch Golden Army.
    6. Finally Jabba’s Sail Barge
    7. Percy Jackson Minotaur and Hydra in scale with MOTUC beasts
    8. D&D 6 inch figure line with Venger and Tiamat kicking things off

  • Dear Santa:
    You knew this day would come. I’m calling in my “favor.” if these requests are not fulfilled the pics will hit the Internet, TMZ, ET, and any other 3rd rate “news” channel. Unhappy children will be the least of your worries. But we can avoid such unpleasantness if you adhere to my simple demands:
    1. DC Direct either implements NECA/Marvel Legends articulation from now on or they lose their license to produce DC action figs and it is granted to NECA.
    2. NECA produces a DevilMayCry3 Dante, a ResidentEvil5 Wesker, and a line of Uncharted figures.
    3. Marvel Select cuts the crap and makes alternate heads come standard. “Variant” does not mean “head swap.”
    4. Firefly gets a new season(s).
    5. Joss Whedon replaces Joe “bitter divorce” Quezada as head at Marvel Comics.
    6. Community gets six seasons and a movie, as is deserved, on NBC or not.
    7. Deadpool movie begins filming next year with Ryan Reynolds and the original script that hit the Internet. R rating is guaranteed.
    8. New Amazing Spiderman movie ditches new threads and keeps comic accurate suit.
    9. Spidey gets a movie highlighting relationship with Venom- a comic accurate, hulking, baby-saving symbiote
    10. NECA/DC Direct/DST/Mattel produce character specific assessory packs (Batman gadgets, Spidey webbings, Iron-Man repulsor blasts, etc…)
    11. 6,7″ fully articulated army builders (SWAT, Police, Mercenaries, thugs, gangsters, Secret Service/Agents, Splinter cells, etc…) Seriously, how has no company done this yet?
    12. Fully articulated line of Matrix figures
    13. 7″ Jason Bourne and Chuck Norris figures
    14. Batcave, mob hideout, Avengers war room dioramas (affordably priced of course)
    15. Itsjustsomerandomguy makes at least one video a month. No more “indefinite hiatus” crap
    16. Add Venom to UMVC3 roster (DLC anyone?)
    17. DST implements NECA/Marvel Legends articulation (redoes Cyclops, Deadpool, Daredevil)
    18. DC Wonder woman doesn’t wear pants and the boys get their outer undies back
    19. Ron Paul in 2012, closure of FEMA camps and Congress, Wall Street, UN leaders get life sentences and assets divided amongst the public. (“in a perfect world…”)
    This is my simple list of demands Santa. The ball is in your court.

  • Dear Santa,

    For Christmas this year I would like

    – A Green Lantern movie that does the characters and universe justice
    – The ability to pick up some MOTUC figures in stores besides in 2 packs
    – More live action Booster Gold
    – A Professor Zoom figure to help round out my Flash figures
    – The right arm to my Stel CNC figure without having to buy G'hu

  • Dear Santa,

    I would really like it if people doing adaptations of popular brands/characters actually were fans of the property before they begin. If it's something "you never liked as a kid" then you are not the person who should be making the adaptation. please make this a thing, there are plenty of talented people in the world who DO like something enough to do it justice in another form

    I would also like fun toys that invoke my childhood, not necessarily FROM my childhood… I would like new creativity please

    and I would like more action figures from movies I love that never had proper toys (rocketeer, krull, princess bride and the like)

    thank you

  • My Christmas Wish-List…

    The Adam West "Batman" TV series released on DVD;

    A line of "Movie Masters" action figures based on the Batman TV series…Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, Gordon, O'Hara, Aunt Harriett, and, of course, The Joker, Penguin, (Gorshin) Riddler, (Newmar) Catwoman, (Preminger) Mr. Freeze, King Tut, and Egghead!

    Since we're going for "Pie-in-the-Sky," add the SCALED Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat, Batcopter, and Batcave!!!

    An action figure line based on "JAWS."

    An action figure line based on "Tombstone."

    Live-action action figures of The Beatles from "A Hard Hays Night," "Help!", "Sgt. Pepper's" album period, "Abbey Road" album period, MINIMUM!

    A William Shatner cameo in the next "Star Trek" movie!

    The ability to understand BOTH Batman AND Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises" next Summer!

  • Dear Santa-

    Thanks for bringing all the toys to the good little boys and girls. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to include me anyway. If so, here's what I'd like:

    -The fulfillment of the JLU cast of characters in action figure form.
    -The entire set of Ame-Comi full size figures, which are a bit too pricey
    -A complete, episode by episode, line of BTAS, STAT, TBNA, Batman Beyond and even Zeta figures or maquettes.
    -A more robust and less evil ecommerce presence for Mattel.
    -More time to draw
    -A batmobile
    -A 1:1 scale Barbie in Batgirl costume

    your friend Dave

  • Ya know Santa, you and I, we been friends a loooong time. Truthfully dude, I really only want one thing: The return of the Palisades Muppets line. And Maybe world peace…..or whatever………
    Love ya (big) guy, Sincerely,

  • Dear Santa,

    According to my checklist, I've done the requisite amount of things to qualify as "nice" this year. I made two hobos fight to the death for a Hot Pocket, but then I decided not to run someone off the road for cutting me off, so I call that a wash.

    Anyway, this is a list of the things I want most this year:

    1. A time machine that will take me back to the 80's so I can buy up all those wonderful vintage figures and then sell them in present day for an incredible profit.

    2. I suppose I could just ask for all those great 80's vintage figures, and cut out the time machine middle man. I'm sure you have enough magic to get them yourself. You may have to sacrifice more elves to appease The Dark One, but what's a couple gallons of elf blood when the price is great vintage toys?

    3. The Tumbler from Batman Begins. Not a toy of the Tumbler, and not a replica either. I want THE TUMBLER that was used in the movie. The one that actually works and can do all of those amazing stunts it did in the movie. Yeah, I want that. And ya know what? Throw in the 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile for good measure.

    4. A real life Voltron. You heard me.

    5. I want the cast from Community to come to my house and entertain me like medieval court jesters on the third Tuesday of every month. Punctuality is a must, lest I sacrifice one cast member from the Big Bang Theory for every day they are late. Actually, I might do that last part anyway, just because.

    6. I want to know every language on Earth, even the extinct ones and the ones yet to be.

    7. I want to be Batman. I know this must be a popular one, but I have a qualifier. I want to be better and more powerful than anyone else as Batman so I can end up being the only one.

    8. For the cast of Christopher Nolan's Batman films to stop aging so they can make Batman films forever. This will also be comic accurate, since nobody in the comics seems to age anyway.

    9. For Superman: Man of Steel to not suck.

    10. For Mattel to make a larger Doomsday figure, a modern Superboy, and for them to make a Huntress. I know, I know, this is a large task, but I have faith in you big guy (or else).

    11. For SOTA Toys to have the Street Fighter license again. And for them to release those Darkstalkers figures, and for them to automatically forever have the master license to any toyline they wish (especially if it's a Capcom fighting game).

    12. Make Firefly come back. This one is more altruistic than selfish, since it will be doing all of humanity a favor.

    13. To definitely know everything about everything. Scientists have their theories, and nobody will ever definitively know everything since nobody today was ever alive at the birth of the universe. But I want to know it all. How it all started, where it's going, if there are multiverses…you name it, I want to know it. EVERYTHING. Yes I'm sure it will end in me going insane, as many sci-fi movies have taught me over the years, but I have the edge. I'm already insane, so I should be fine.

    14. And last, but not least I really really really want a couch that doesn't have a portal to another dimension beneath its cushions. That's the only explanation I can think of, since it loves to eat my action figure accessories and once they're down there I never see them again. So if you could get me another couch that doesn't do that, it would be great.

    Alright, I think that will do it for this year. I don't want to seem greedy, after all. I'll talk to you next year.

    P.S. Ah crap, I just punched a dog in the face, because I thought he was laughing at me. I need to go let someone be in my presence (which is the nicest thing I could possibly do) to balance that out. See ya.

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