Any questions for Mattel?

Questions due by 11:59pm ET January 12.


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  • Will we possibly see a DCUC classic style Ventriloquist with Scarface (in either Batman Legacy or the subscription). Also, you never really answered the question of what line the Super-Powers Penquin will be in. Could you clarify?

  • Given the discontent on recent issues like missing Demo-Men, leg errors on flying horses, price increases, and public relations flaps like the Mighty Spector or Snake MAA, can we have a firm commitment on at least one specific thing Matty will be doing in the future to repair the increasingly waning relationship it has with its fans?

    I am not suggesting extra items, freebies, discounts, or new initiatives, but rather what step or steps might Matty make in the foreseeable future to ensure correct items delivered safely and in the promised timeframe?

  • I think what you said is completely valid and worthwhile misterbigbo, but I can tell you now what they’re going to do: Nothing.

    It’s been 25 days since Demo-Man was supposed to be on sale, and their advice then was to place two orders, one for Demo-Man and one for BG Evil-Lyn and pay twice the shipping. Every update I’ve gotten since he “went missing” I’ve gotten from Poe or, NOT from Matty who I’m paying to give me their merchandise. We deserve better than this, but they’re not going to start now.

  • We're 20 waves into DCUC (More if we count DCSH) and The figures STILL are prone to breakage at the soft piece connecting the leg to the crotch. (The piece that is supposed to make the leg swivel forwards and back) When are you going to fix this consistent issue? (Reason #1 why I did not subscribe to Club Infinite Earths)

    • Me too!! That's amazing!!!

      Also: Blue Lantern Flash in an All-Lantern wave? Totally cool.

      But a White Lantern shortly after? Who wants this again? That's okay, I never read about Wally West for an entire decade. Let's go with the quick and easy repaint.

      This is even quicker, easier and cheaper than I thought. At least Nekron's got a scythe made just for him, right? RIGHT?? Crap.

  • New question: Why did you guys put Fearless Photog on your site for the January date yesterday, then send me an email today saying it’s been moved to February?

  • Last year it was announced that you would be producing figures based on Back To The Future. Are there any recent updates concerning the line, such as what figures would be made? And will it be sold through a subscription service similar to that of Ghostbusters and MOTUC?

    • Where was it announced that they would be making BTTF figures? Everything I've read has said that WON'T be making figures due to the need for unique sculpts for every character and they would only be doing the die-cast cars.

  • In 2011, we saw 6 female DCUC figures (Dove; Star Sapphire Wonder Woman; Saturn Girl; Stargirl; Superwoman; Star Sapphire)

    We saw 5 new MOTUC female figures in 2011, and by March 2012, we will have a new 5 already!

    Poison Ivy has been announced but not shown for Club Infinite Earths, and a repaint Supergirl has been shown for the All-Star line. Can we hope for more female superheroes in 2012, or is this another casualty of the sub and the all-star format?

    Does Fan-Girl’s departure from the line have any effect on character selection going forward?

  • Where is Poe's Wind Raider? Is there really no customer service stock?

    I really love mine, but I can't really enjoy it without feeling irritated on his behalf. You can thank Poe's loving reviews for helping me sink hundreds of dollars into MOTUC, so let's get the man a new Wind Raider. Please.

  • What is the reason for the cost increase? I think the last few were *more* than enough for such a popular line! Does TG need a new yacht?

  • My question:

    Customers with defective Wind Raiders are being told by customer service that there is no CS stock for replacements, and the only thing they can do for customers is offer refunds for returned Wind Raiders.

    My question is, why is it that the Wind Raider was produced with zero customer service stock?

    Is this a part of the "lower production numbers" you've mentioned to expect going forward? If so, does that mean that a refund only / no replacement policy is now in effect for the line?

  • 1. Recently a prominent online toy reviewer received a defective Wind Raider. After being told by customer service to ship it back in order to receive an exchange, he was contacted by DR and told there were no more left and he would only be getting a refund. This has raised a question for me: What would have happened if this were a subscription item that he was guaranteed to receive? Are returns for sub items going to be handled differently than items released outside of the sub?

    2. How does Mattel handle defective product through e-tailers such as BBTS who purchase subs to resell? Now that Mattel has created an environment where day of sales have been significantly decreased and the subscription is more expensive than in years past, e-tailers might be the only option left to some customers.

  • 3. What does Mattel consider a legitimate QC issue that would warrant figures to be delayed or exchanged in mass? For some figures who customers have perceived as having problems, these have been responses from some Mattel reps: "Mossman is not a Bath Toy"
    "It's not a big deal! Reviewers didn't notice the backward shoulders"
    "The figure is not defective, it just is not working as perfect as we will like."
    Recently, we have seen widespread QC problems with Swiftwind's legs. How defective or "not working as perfect as we would like" would a figure have to be for Mattel to take action on a QC issue? Missing limbs?

    4. Since we are seeing more and more delays in terms of release dates for MOTUC figures, is it possible that we could begin seeing figures earlier so that some fan critiques could possibly be taken into account? I know that there is no pleasing everyone, but perhaps this could be a way to help improve figures and generate some good will between Mattel and fans.

  • Thanks for using my drawing Poe! After your Wind Raider experience, I guess it struck a chord in you. Sorry for your disappointment, though. Can't wait to see if Mattel addresses it to you satisfaction in their answers. I wouldn't hold my breath…

  • What is the future of the "Action League" line? I've been collecting all the Green Lantern related characters and am only missing Kyle Rayner. What are the odds of him being released?

  • We've been told on quite a few occasions how important it is to lock in the figures that are part of the subscription "contract." How does the new policy of holding figures until they're 100% in stock jibe with that? For example, the sub agreement for 2011 included 12 monthly figures, but one of those wasn't shipped until 2012. Isn't that a breach of the agreement?

  • From Mattel's own press release: "But don’t worry, because at the end of the year, you’ll ideally have all the figures we promised for 2012." I should say so, considering that you have a contractual obligation to provide all the figures you promised for 2012. Since you are apparently unsure that lofty goal can now be accomplished, when do you plan to individually contact subscribers to tell them they may now cancel their subscriptions without penalty?

  • Thanks for the 20 Waves of DCUC. I'm personally disappointed that it ended so soon, but I'm not the decision maker.
    I'm looking forward to more information on the Sub. Could you please give us more information on the future of the line.???