Identify the Toy Contest #1

Welcome to a new feature here at PGPoA! Every other week or so, I’ll post a photo of a small part of a toy. Your job is to identify the toy. Send an email to with the following:

  • Name of the toy
  • Line the toy comes from (if any)
  • Manufacturer of the toy
  • Year the toy was produced

The first person to email all the information will win a Poe Prize! If no one gets all 3-4 pieces of info, the person with the most wins. If no one guesses correctly, there’s no winner.

The nature of the Poe Prize will vary, but it will be a small toy of some sort. The first set of Poe Prizes will come from this batch of 1980s UFO vending machine toys. The toy really isn’t important–what you get is bragging rights.

I’ll announce the winner on Friday each week.

This contest is open to everyone, including international readers. Good luck!

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