Introducing the PGPoA Pic of the Day Flickr Group

Over the years I’ve received a lot of submissions for Pics of the Day. In  a move I should have thought of a long time ago, I’ve created a public Flickr group that people can submit their photos to.

Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day

I won’t guarantee that every shot submitted to it will be used, but I can guarantee that I will review everything in the group and will consider it. Here’s a few hints for the type of features I tend to like in the photos I select (usually one pic will not have all of this, but they represent the sort of thing I’ve noticed I tend to choose):

  • Clearly focused
  • Bright or strong colors
  • Well staged (i.e., a scene of some sort)
  • Dynamic posing and angles
  • Catalog-style shots

Oh, and please remember to make your shots free to share, so that I can grab the HTML code for posting them on the site.

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  • My old flickr account is completely inaccessible now, because they demand you use a yahoo account,a nd not whatever e-mail address you signed up in (back before it became basically Yahoo-only). SInce I hadn't tied it to yahoo at the time, I can no longer log in. I can make a new account, but… yeah. Forget that. I'm very ticked off at them.

      • All of the routes I've tried for finding your old account are "find your yahoo account!" But the name ridureyu is taken, and I'd have to find something else. Sure, it's probably mostly my fault for just not accessing flickr in a while, but the fact that you can't grandfather your account is kind of… well, it's not good. Hilariously, things like this are why I use photobucket.

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