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Y’know, I hate it when I do these contests where I have to pick the winner. I thought about pawning the duty off on Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, but she was watching TV, so no help there. Not really fair anyway, since it’s my site. Then I thought about asking Doc Thomas to decide, before I remembered he was clinically insane. So in the end, I had to decide myself.

This was not easy. There were a ton of excellent submissions. I knew you guys were awesome, but I guess I didn’t realize just how awesome…if I’d thought about it, I would have had more prizes.

First, the runners-up:

I liked the staging of this one from ErinLSnyder, with the tentacle wrapped around the computer.

The one from Nerdbot looked a lot like one of my own, and I love that bizarre little Godzilla toy.

The one from Poester Daniel B. and his boys definitely captured the “odds and ends” spirit with a lot of strange little toys. What is that little chrome dude in the black chair from? Zoids? I want one of those.

But the big winner is…

Paul Kelly, a.k.a. “Feetmittens,” whose persistence paid off. Paul sent me several (unsolicited) revisions of his submission, and clearly spent a lot of time with toy choice, staging, and getting the right balance of white background. And the rainbow Domo in the middle was pure genius.

So Paul wins the set of DC Direct Batman: Incorporated figures, courtesy of Figure of the Day!

Congratulations to all who entered–there were tons of great entries in this one. They were all so good, I’m posting them below. I plan to use the winner, the runners-up, and many of the ones below in my actual Odds ‘n Ends posts.

And don’t worry–FOTD and I are already working on another contest that may or may not involve a certain famous superhero team.


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  • I have to admit: I love the one with Santa Claus and the sack of severed heads. Brilliant but quite creepy as well. Someone needs to schedule another apointment with their shrink…..

    • I probably shouldn't admit this, but I'm responsible for that one, along with the one with the Smurf surrounded by skulls and the tentacle one in the runner's-up section.

      I guess what I'm saying is, I really don't think a therapist could help me.

      • The smurf one is really cool, also!

        Maybe if the film had went in a darker direction, like your composition, it would have been more popular. Kind of like the Road meets the Smurfs. I like it!

      • Meh… Sanity is overrated.

        That Santa photo is genius! I want it on a t-shirt.

  • Hooray! Thanks for holding the contest. I've always enjoyed the Odds n Ends headers.

  • the little chrome dude in the chair…that's a "starriors" head, yes? looks like the destructor buzzsaw, but i could be wrong…

  • These are a lot of fun! I'm a little dismayed how many of them have little things I want. And I kinda like the "haul of heads" ones.

  • Cool pics overall but I’m bummed I lost.

    I admit that I’m disappointed with my pics. The white background did not come out as “white” as I had hoped. I’ve gotta get some better lighting or I’ve gotta make a set up for taking better pics.

    Congrats to the winners!

    • BTW Poe, would suggesting the name “Figure It Out” for your new Identify The Toy feature earn me a consolation prize? 😉

  • AAAHHH MAAAN…….. recount! JK. Well congrats feetmittens. There are ones that I like a little better but art is so subjective, so great job. I loved the contest it was a lot of fun hunting around for accessories watching my wife roll her eyes. The worst part was the “bright white” background. I mean even though I used a white background but it looked blue in photos , must have been the lighting but I’m no Annie Leibovitz, and I’m no photoshop wizard. Again great contest, and even though I didn’t win it will be cool if use any of my entries. All the entries look great!

  • Congratulations Feetmittens, but man am I jealous of that Rainbow Domo, series 1 chases are so hard to find these days.

  • VERY NICE!!!

    I love looking at stuff like this, getting a sense of peoples collections, how long and what have they collected. Too cool! Makes me wish I had easier access to all my childhood stuff – curse you parent's attic!

  • We feel so honored to be listed as a runner up! I was definitely going for the "odds 'n' ends spirit. Yes, the chrome dude is from a pterodactyl type zoid I keep on display in my classroom, next to my Gojulus. (Really fighting against it.)

    • Oh yeah. The zoid is pteramander. The little chair is actually a pair of rocket launchers.

  • Dang… late to the party here. With so many really fun pics, I'm quite happy to be a runner-up. Rainbow Domo is awesome, but the swimsuit Fett makes Feetmittens's the winner for me (and what is that masked chihuahua?).

    • Masked chihuahua is an accessory that comes with the Alberto Del Rio wrestling figure from Mattel's WWE Elite line. I used the chihuahua in one of my entries too. It's the one that has the Ark of the Covenant.

      • Cool… Thanks for the info! I just noticed him in the other photo. (I didn't check the internet much yesterday, and missed this post. I'm taking some break time today to have a closer look at the entries. I'm really impressed with the quantity and range of items presented.) I know nothing about wrestling after the late-seventies and early-eighties (and remember little about what I watched back then), so I didn't recognize the dog.

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