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You’ll recall a few weeks ago I asked for help identifying a few toys. The success of that got me thinking about other toys I remembered as a kid that I couldn’t identify. The one that jumped to mind was a tiny, cheap plastic UFO toy I owned.

My memory was so vague that I could scarcely recall what it looked like–I couldn’t even have drawn a picture. Nonetheless, I went looking for it on eBay anyway. Three days of constant eBay searching for every combination of “ufo” and “flying saucer” proved fruitless, until I finally did a search for “vending ufo.” To my utter shock, I actually found the damned thing.

It’s the green saucer in the front, part of a 1980s series of gumball machine toys–what seems to have become known as “capsule toys.” What struck me about them was how similar they look to a lot of the indie toys being produced today for $10-$15 a set.

I can’t believe I actually found this. Crazy. Anyway, I’m going to be giving away most of these over the next few weeks, as will be explained in a post later today.


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