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Clawful Bio

Real Name: Pronounced through a series of claw clicks

A member of the Karikoni, an Eternian race of crustacean warriors, “Clawful” as he was known outside of Orkas Island, became a core member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors after he saved Beast Man’s life from a Seclapoid attack. Clawful’s hard shell protects him from both extreme heat and cold. Under a spell cast by Evil Lyn, Clawful’s dull wits were enhanced, turning him into a keen warrior and strategist. He fought alongside Skeletor, leading a battalion of Skeleton Warriors during the Second Ultimate Battle Ground. Clawful uses his dreadful claw to work his evil will!

Not a whole lot to discuss in this bio. Clawful gets a race (the Karikoni), a home area (Orkas Island), and a goofy real name. The Orkas Island reference comes from the Millennium cartoon, while according to Mattel, the Karikoni name is “based on some root words for fish and crab animals.”

The weird thing here is the idea of Evil-lyn casting a spell to make Clawful into a “keen warrior and strategist.” This seems to be a response to the disappointingly dumb Clawful from the Millennium cartoon, who was played primarily for laughs; since everything in the MOTUC-verse has to be more “grown up,” Clawful gets to be a bit smarter. Kind of a clumsy plot device, though, and one these bios have fallen back on many times.

In the end, I find this bio as average as the figure.

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  • Basically, not a single one of the evil warriors can wipe his own ass without Evil-Lyn? She helps "save" Keldor, frees…well, everyone everywhere imprisoned for any reason (seriously, if Skeletor were to capture He-Man, she'd probably free him, too, for some damn reason), casts IQ enchantments (BTW, what happens to Clawful when she loses her powers on the UBG?), BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! She also includes a toothpick, a penknife, a can opener…

      • Theory: Evil-Lyn is not evil per se. She’s just bored. And what better way to break the tedium that to keep feeding the fires of war? Its pretty clear at this point she’s not really on any one “side”…

  • i think the smartening of Clawful may be to appease the fans of the original MOTU, since in that cartoon he was one of Skeletor's lieutenants. even if he looked nothing like his figure.

  • It's not a bad bio overall. As least not as far as these bios are concerned at any rate.

  • Why couldn't Clawful decide to be a better crabman his own and begin studying? Maybe reading on the Snake Mountain Library and watching recordings from previous battles (recorded by the Doomseekers)
    If Evil Lyn can make an idiot like Clawful Smart, then why not Beastman, or Whiplash, or Stinkor, etc…

  • …son of a torrid affair between Grocho Marx, Steve Buscemi and a radioactive prawn…

  • I think this Bios purpose is to bridge the the Clawful from MYP to the Clawful in Filmation since some people consider the events in 200X to happen before Filmation, at least all of the stuff from before the Snakemen and Hsss were fully released. Here is a rough timeline:

    MYP Episodes 1- 21
    Filmation He-Man Season 1 and the First Half of Season 2(BCI DVD Releases)
    Filmation She-ra Season 1 including The Secret of the Sword
    Filmation Christmas Special
    Filmation He-Man Season 2 Part 2
    Filmation She-Ra Season 2
    MYP Episodes 22-40
    1987 Live Action Masters of the Universe Movie
    Seasons 1 and 2 of Jetlag Studios NA He-Man