New list at Topless Robot – “10 Extremely Inappropriately Named Toys”

I’ve got yet another list up at TR. This one was really enjoyable to write, as it’s one of the funnier ones I’ve done:

10 Extremely Inappropriately Named Toys


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  • Just fantastic, but I have to admit I never made the Monster in my Pocket connection before.

    And I don’t get Toypedo. I’m very tired, you see….

  • Great list, I'm awed that the "Cock" and "Pussy" were produced by the same company!

  • Ha! Balzac was fantastic. That commercial was on constantly all afternoon. The #1 toys are the clear winners and absolute best on the list, but Balzac earns some points for being such a major product that had even kids shaking their heads thinking "How did they NOT realize that?"

    While working in retail stores, my favorites were the rather immature to find funny "Might Dump" Tonka-style truck and the enduring classic Playdoh Barber Shop: Fuzzy Pumper.

    • Whenever the Balzac ad came on, my cousin and I would say, "Balzac! Playing with your balls will never be the same…"

      Yes, the Mighty Dump was mentioned in the comments thread over at TR…would have included that if I'd run into it in my research.