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  • In addition to the pics from yesterday’s MTV Geek exclusive about the TMNT Classic Collection, you should also check out this video interview with a Playmates brand manager (I’m assuming). It’s got some nice shots of the figures, and the manager spells out that these are definitely based on the 1980s cartoon, that they’re intended for collectors and that the line could expand deeper in the cartoon as well as the movies and comics if it sells well. The video also shows that their shells open up as a storage area for weapons, which seems like an unnecessary but unobtrusive feature. (The brand manager also refers to them as “ten- to eleven-inch figures” which is odd, since they’re clearly 6″ and are right next to him.) It turns out the video is poorly edited, and the two previous sentences refer to the 10″ TRU-exclusive figures based on the new cartoon, not the Classics figures.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Playmates is also doing a full 3 3/4″ scale line for the new Nickelodeon cartoon, including an absolutely massive sewer playset.
  • Out of curiosity, what do people think of the format for my recent MOTUC reviews? Do you prefer the older style with the separate sections for each aspect (sculpt/paint/accessories etc.), or is this more conversational style okay?
  • If I were a wealthy man with money to burn, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I’m almost tempted to start some ridiculously selfish PayPal donation drive just to get one. But that would be better spent on creating and producing a run of Poe figurines a la OMFG…(he asked slyly, raising an eyebrow in curiosity to see what the response was).

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  • Dude, you want to pass the hat for a giant shark/your own figures? Why not? What's the worst people are going to say? No?
    Go for it.

  • I dig the more conversational reviews. Your reviews were one of the inspirations for me making my reviews more conversational, too. I found that by not segmenting the reviews into sections, the text flows much more easily and naturally. The reviews are easier to format too, because I don't have to worry about headers and the placement of pictures (although you put pics in among the text). I guess I'm just trying to make my reviews more like something you'd see on Google+.

  • The TMNT Classics scale has been a great source of confusion and one I've spent way more time at work than I should have trying to figure it out. Some straight-from-the-source reporting would be very much appreciated if you are able.

    • I know the guy who wrote the original article for MTV Geek, and he says the Classics figures are in the 6" scale.

      A 10" scale line with that much articulation would be much too expensive anyway.

      • The 10 Inch line is happening, but it's an exclusive TRU line. Probably just the fab four. Unfortunately the idiots at MTV clipped the video, so it sounds like he's talking about the Classics line… But he's not. It's a different 10 inch TRU exclusive.

        The regular Classics are available everywhere and will be 6 inches.

        The Playmates guy knew what he was talking about, just horrible editing on the video.

        • Yes the video was screwed up. Also if you look close you can see the 10" storage shell Turtles are based on the Nickelodeon designs, not the classic Turtles. You can get a better look at the 10" Nick Turtles in other videos.

      • I just hope beyond all hope that we/they/whoever does not choose to give this guy a nickname. It’s ridiculous that as a 36 year old man I’m referring to an executive as “toy guru”. Yes I’m buying toys, No I’m not a child. I once had a student that want to be called “D-money” when I was asking name preferences, I would be a horrible teacher if I said Ok. Everyone’s had a friend with a ridiculous self given nickname, like a friend who wants to be called “bigballer” because he is soooo good at basketball or “Pplaya” because he’s a ladies man. The name almost guarantees they are not. So the playmate manager must never become “Playmateboy” I’m sure it is a sign of the apocalypse. Now excuse me, I have to go see Nacho Teen at taco bell.

        P.S. I have had the “tribsaint” moniker since the mid 90’s, when nobody used a real name on the internet, but I do sort of feel silly using it now a days…but as a teacher I do want the a anonymity.

  • When does he say the classics are ten inch or openable shells? I think he's refering to those bigger clunkier classic looking turtles with the openable shells at that point.

  • Wow, that shark is BIG. Somebody out there will put it on his shelf next to his Hot Toys Sandtrooper-on-Dewback and his vintage USS Flagg.

  • WAITAMINNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So….We're getting 3.75 figures based off the new cartoon? Is that what size the figures are in the pics (i'm not talking about the classic versions)
    If this is true, i'm gonna poop my pants. In a good way.

  • Conversational reviews are cool. No need to break down all of the aspects that are so familiar at this point.

    As for the last tease, I’ll gladly contribute a sculpt or design help if this becomes a project.

  • Conversational reviews are cool, I prefer personal over technical. As for the last tease, I’ll gladly contribute a sculpt or design help if this becomes a project.

  • MTV Geek says the smaller figures are 4.25" to 4.75" each.

    • Which would be the dumbest scale decision since Bandai went 8" with Thundercats and McFarlane chose to forgo the 4" scale for Halo.

      • Since the Turtles tend to be shorter than humans, I guess that puts them in 5-inch scale. Which is a scale I personally like. Not that I have to have all my figures all the same scale (I collect Star Wars, DCUC, Marvel Legends, Transformers, and the odd 90s 5-inch line, mainly, along with anything else that interests me, ranging from Jack Skellington to a Kurt Cobain figure). Intra-line scale has always of greater importance to me.

  • I like the new review format. Although since your break up with mattel, your enthusiasm has waned. Pulgasari.

  • Is it crazy to think this new "Classics" line has something to do with the abruptly ended Teenage Mutant Neca Turtles? Also, conversational reviews are great, especially since with most Mattel properties, we're talking standard articulation and a ton of part reuse…

    • The NECA line wasn't so great, the looked odd with those long necks. I bought a couple and they broke, very fragile.

      • To me, the problem was that the original TMNT designs were ugly as shite. So no matter how well done the figures were, the designs were not aesthetically pleasing to me.

        • I only read the second book, I'm no sure exactly whtte loked like in issue 1. I prefered those canceled Playmates Classics from a couple years ago, they looked really nce.

  • Someone in the previous TMNT thread referred to them as 3.75-inch or 4-inch, and I nearly had an aneurysm in anticipation of collecting Turtles in scale with my Joes, but yeah, they're too tall. Still,I absolutely love the designs for the new cartoon.


    "(he asked slyly, raising an eyebrow in curiosity to see what the response was)."

    He ha ha, the subtlety is staggering! I for one have no interest in that sort of toy, so my interest in Poe-themed versions would of course be lukewarm. If you produce a Joe-scale Poe-themed figure, I promise to endorse it passionately.

    That shark is lovely, but it's the kind of thing you'd probably want to sell after a few years, simple because it's limited in terms of what one can do with it. Having moved on and said goodbye to the Hot Toys Keaton Batman figure, I am now trying to talk myself out of some expensive Tonner dolls…

  • Thanks for clarification on the TMNT scale issue fro mthe MTV video Poe!

    I really like the new comic design Turtles, so I hope we can get those in the 6" line as well. =)

    Also, pertaining to your recent MotUC reviews, I like the style.

  • I like the conversational style as well; since so much of MOTUC is shared, extremely in-depth analysis seems more like a chore at this point. If there's a new aspect to a figure (like BG Teela's buck) it might need a closer look, but I think you're good with the style that Clawful and Panthor were done with.

    • You…did? I watched that for the first time a few weeks ago. It was…not great.

      As for my waning enthusiasm, that's less about disenchantment with Mattel and more about my tendency to go through fads. MOTUC will come around again–maybe with Granamyr.

    • Sorry, forgot who you were–you don't post here that often 😉

      And if Mattel stops making MOTUC/DC, I'll certainly leave. Maybe even just MOTUC. But I get your point.

      • you bastard, you forgot me. i weep in the arctic bastion of smiley t rex's.