Review > Fearless Photog (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

No discussion of Fearless Photog can be complete without first mentioning this article on,* the seminal 1980s kids’ culture website by Matt Caracappa. At this point, anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Masters of the Universe knows the story: in 1985, Mattel held a “Create-A-Character” contest. Children were invited to send in their ideas […]

Sponsor News > BBTS has TF, Portal, NECA, Marvel, 1/6, BBP & More!

Here is a quick update from about a ton of new preorders, more cool new arrivals, and our latest sale! —————– CLEARANCE SALE —————– Several days ago we reduced pricing by 15% to 25% on 4000+ items that are a year or more old.  There are a lot of great older items available, please be […]

Guest Review > Megator (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

I collect nearly exclusively in the 1/12th scale. For me, it’s the perfect scale – translating to about a foot per inch, it’s the ideal size for strong sculpts with recognizable likenesses and meticulous paint detailing while also allowing one to have a bigger collection in a much smaller space than the average 1/6th scale […]

5 Questions With > Phil Reed of

PHILIP REED Real Name: Philip Reed Base of Operations: History: Philip Reed has worked professionally in the game industry since 1995 and has been a geek ever since he first encountered comics and action figures in the late seventies. He can often be found walking on the abandoned roads of America, head staring down […]

Poest Office > New Marvel Legends Sculpts a Cut Above?

Today’s question comes from Poester TP: Dear Poe: Do you know any of the sculptors for the new pieces in Marvel Legends 2012? It’s been all the gossip that this new wave of ML is really a cut above Hasbro’s old ML offerings, and I’d like to acknowledge credit where credit’s due. I’ve been collecting things […]