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Skeletor Takes a Stunner

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  • "you coming out here, thumpin' your power sword, talk about your grayskull reliquary, talk about john 3:16, austin 3:16 says i just whipped your ass!"

    • I was thinking of a similar thing 'I dont care what the scrolls of the elders says, Austin……'
      I think yours is better and you beat me to it, congrats sir. 🙂

  • I don't think any thing will beat Dayraven's caption, but here is mine.
    "Let me tell you something Jim Ross, look at the titantron. Me putting Skeletor out with the stunner. Something He-Man and all his Masters could never do. Thats what the real most powerful man in the universe does….and thats the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so."