6 thoughts on “Pic of the Day > Tribots Mob-L by Poe Ghostal”

  1. SWEET photo. I have had a Tomy Tribot since I was a kid and for YEARS I had no clue what it was until like 6 years ago. From my understanding, the Tomy Tri-bots toys was supposed to be the direction the Starriors line was going in before it got ended. This is why they have a very similiar resemblance to Starriors. Thanks to this other site I found, the names of my Tri-bot was finally revealed as "Shut-L". Here's the link for any who wants to see pictures of the other robots in this line: http://thecomixverse.com/?p=15520

  2. Yeah, I grew up in the early 90s with a Transformers obsession and had to sate it by scouring yard sales. Anything that resembled a Transformer was fair game for me, and a Tribot ended up being the spoil of one of those yard sale hunts. The one I had was C-Bees, but we always called him "Red Rider." He didn't have the little chrome gun attachments.

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