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I first came across this figure from this post on Toywalker’s Blog. Being a love of all things gorilla, I knew I had to own it – fortunately Amazon had it.

I don’t know anything about this toy line or why it includes a post-apocalyptic warrior ape, but it’s awesome. (Side note: there’s a whole bunch of weird animal-men from this line, some of which were reviewed by Rustin Parr over at OAFE.) The sculpt is excellent (although I absolutely hate┬áthat sneaker, for some reason), and the paint, as you can see, is very well done too. The sword is interchangeable with the axe, although only the sword can be sheathed on his back.

Sadly, the figure has no articulation at all, so it’s mostly just a neat shelf tchotchke.


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  • Love the sneaker,tho,it has an 80's vibe to it,like a kid in a movie wanted him to wear it to fit in…

  • i saw these at my local AC Moore (craft store). the price tag on them was 16.99…. i had a 40% off coupon so i got the tiger-man
    i also have a TON of papo medieval nights and other creatures that are normally only 6 bucks each. i havent gotten more from this line because of the high price on a non posable little figurine

  • I stumbled across these a while ago on amazon. I'm glad to see how tall they are.

  • Just a couple of months ago, I had a catalog with these guys in it among other items by this company. It came in the mail I think. Or inside of one of the kids' toys?

    I really liked the looks of these guys! They're quite a bit different from the typical fantasy stuff you see in figures like this. By "like this" I mean European non-articulated figures that are imported by stores or put in toy aisles that have old fashioned wood toys and alleged learning crafts. All of that stuff that's often way to expensive and seems marketed towards parents who think their kids are too precious for retail toys. Whoa, unexpected tangent there!

    I liked Gorilla the most, but I didn't notice the sneaker. I think its an interesting detail since it's unusual and subtly suggests a post-apocalyptic setting, but that's also not necessarily a good thing since screams "earth" when this guy could otherwise be strutting around in any sort of universe.