Contest! Win a set of DC’s Arkham City Figures, Series 2 with BAT-LIBS!

This coming Wednesday, April 25, Figure of the Day will have Arkham City Series 2 for sale! This set will feature figures of Catwoman, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, Hush, and Detective Mode Batman.

(Please note: due a schedule change by DC Collectibles, the figures will not ship until May 2.)

To help spread the word, FOTD has donated a complete set of Series 2 for a contest right here on PGPoA!

Here’s how to enter: I’ve written a small paragraph about Batman and Robin engaging in their usual heroic derring-do. (To avoid any accusations of having tailored the paragraph to a particular entry, I’m sending it to the Power Pals ahead of time.)

This paragraph has a few blanks – blanks YOU must fill. In the comments below, provide the following:

  • a place noun (“the river” “Gotham National Bank” “R’lyeh” etc.)
  • an occupation (“farmer” “lawyer” “freelance bio-exorcist” etc.)
  • a verb (“push” “smack” “kidney-punch”)
  • and an adverb (“slowly” “jubilantly” “groin-grabbingly” etc.)

Once I’ve got all the submissions, I’ll put them into the paragraph and then the good folks at FOTD will choose their favorite as the winner. And afterward, of course I’ll post the winner and whichever I think are the best entries.

The contest will end at midnight Eastern Time on Monday, April 23. The winner will be announced the following day.


  • Winner must have a U.S. shipping address for the prize to be mailed to.
  • PGPoA Power Pals and Poe’s friends and family not eligible.

31 thoughts on “Contest! Win a set of DC’s Arkham City Figures, Series 2 with BAT-LIBS!”

  1. Place: T-Bone’s Titty Bar and Teriyaki Grill
    Occupation: amateur GILF casting call director
    Verb: dropkick
    Adverb: mockingly

  2. Quick Q about an US Address? Continental US Only or does it include Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories like say, Puerto Rico?

    Place: Gotham's Second National Bank
    Occupation: Criminal
    Verb: Licked
    Adverb: Eagerly

    1. Pretty sure any U.S. address is fine – if you count as domestic US, you're fine. I mean, I don't know about Guam…might have to ask FOTD about that one…

      1. I HAVE to ask because for SOME Companies I'm an International Customer (Mattycollector) and for others I'm still on US soil… (Toy Biz, Hasbro, SquareEnix, Konami, etc.)

  3. Place: Captain Geech’s Shrimp Shack

    Occupation: Underwater Basket-Weaver

    Verb: curtsey

    Adverb: voraciously

  4. Place: The Derelict SmileCo Nutcracker Factory
    Occupation: Door-to-door encyclopedia salesman
    Verb: Judo chop
    Adverb: precipitously

  5. Place: The Watchtower

    Occupation: Digital River Customer Service Representative

    Verb: crawling

    Adverb: insanely

  6. place: Gotham City Day Spa and Sushi Palace
    occupation: unlicensed pet stylist
    verb: tickle
    adverb: coquettishly

  7. a place noun – Penguin's Pretty Pony Shop
    an occupation – celebrity florist
    a verb – knit
    and an adverb – upsettingly

  8. Oh, why not? 

    Place noun:  Studio F (home studio of Gotham's Got Talent)
    Occupation:  cannibal taste-tester
    Verb:  chewed
    Adverb:  mightily

  9. Long-time listener, first-time caller? I think so. Anyway:

    Place noun: the streets of Gotham City, 3AM
    Occupation: youthful ward
    Verb: mandhandle
    Adverb: diligently

  10. Place: The Fourth Dimension
    Occupation: Farrier ( person who fits horseshoes on a horse )
    Verb: Guffaw
    Adverb: haphazardly

  11. Place: LexCorp Break Room
    Occp: Professional brown-noser
    Verb: Anal fisting
    Adverb: vivaciously

  12. Place: Medieval Times! (the restaurant, not the time period)

    Occupation: Nicholas Cage's Bodydouble #4

    Verb: Cogitate

    Adverb: Facetiously

  13. …fine, if everyone else is doing it…

    Madame Pearce's School for Wayward Girls
    Defenestration Consultant

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