Stinkorgate, Cont’d

UPDATE: That discussion got way out of hand way too fast. I welcome free speech and I want people to be able to express their opinion, no matter how I much I disagree with it, but I insist on civility. I will accept any and all criticisms about being a tyrant, bully, bad journalist, head-in-the-sand-ostrich […]


It’s picking up steam! Pixel Dan has the details. Long story short: Stinkor’s forearms are reversed, Mattel says it’s on purpose, some fans aren’t buying it and think it’s an assembly error Mattel is covering up, and the Four Horsemen’s initial response is ambiguous. Frankly, I think I’m going to stay out of this one. […]

Odds ‘n Ends > PD revs CIEDCUCGAF, SyFy’s Toy Realities, 4H’s OSM, FOTD has AC2

Pixel Dan has posted his review of the Club Infinite Earths DC Universe Classics Golden Age Flash. For those who might be wondering, yes, I did subscribe to CIE, but I don’t plan to review them and intend to sell all my figures (with the exception of the Bat-characters, probably). I’m either going to sell […]

Figure It Out #12

Congrats to last week’s winner, Zach S, who was the only person to correctly identify the figure as Sweet Tooth from the videogame Twisted Metal, made by DC Unlimited. The other two guesses were for Humungus from the old Mad Max line by N2 Toys, which, to be fair, were pretty good guesses. Guesses for this week are due […]