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      • We just ran out of room in the house after having a couple kids. Those cabinets take up a bunch of space and I didn't want to shell out $100s on storage fees. I sold it to a software firm, so as my wife is fond of reminding me when I get sad, it went to a good home!

        • Fair enough, & totally understandable, but man, you had the Holy Grail of SF cabinets. Was it all original, or just a shell for the game?

        • It was all original that needed some upgrades before it finally sold, and it was fun returning it to its proper glory. Though it was nice to have around for the nostalgia factor, I was also afraid I wouldn't be able to care for its electronic guts properly as time went on. Restoring controls and the cabinet were about as technical as I get!

  • Thanks guys! Another one of mine makes Pic of the Day! I love my Sota SF figures, and felt like doing this one day. Took me an hour or so in photoshop to clean it up and all, but it was worth it. The only ones missing are Dan Hibiki and Gouken, but I've resigned to the fact that I'll probably never get to own them.

    By the way Poe, you can use my real name when posting my pics if you like. 🙂

  • This makes me miss my Street Fighter collection I sold a few years ago, though I felt slightly better about it when I found out the guy I shipped it to worked at Jakks Pacific

  • This is awesome! Man, I miss my SOTA Street Fighter figures. Why oh why did I sell those off all those years ago… 🙁

    • I did the same thing, many years ago. Then last Summer my friend's brother offers to sell me his entire Sota SF collection for $150. He had all of the figures from the retail line, including the Toyfare exclusive Psycho Bison/Evil Ryu 2 pack. The only ones he didn't have were the Revolutions figures.

      He also had doubles of several of them. I jumped at the chance. Then I sold the doubles on eBay, with those ending at $100, so I essentially got the entire collection for $50, excluding the amount I spent on the Revolutions figures.

  • This pic makes me sad about how badly SOTA went out and the Street Fighter toy license in general. We didn't get Dee Jay and the final figures were so fragile that you were afraid to handle them! NECA crapped on the license to make only 6 figures and Jazwares' little figures break straight out of the package.

    Street Fighter has endured SO many false starts and halfhearted attempts: Toy Biz, ReSaurus, NECA, Jazwares. Hasbro was the only company to finish the whole roster at the time and SOTA made the best attempt.