Sneak Peek at the Mystic Hammer

A few weeks back, Joe Amaro posted pics of his design for a “Mystic Hammer.” It’s looking good:

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  • I want one. Scratch that. I want multiples.

    Any idea if it’s sized for 7in “Fantasy” figures or their 12in counterparts?

    • It is in scale for 12in "Fantasy" figures 😉
      I made it digitally so making a smaller version, if people want one, is very possible.

      • That’s awesome Joe. The design is exquisite, I’m loving the center adornment of the hammer head.

        Do you plan on setting up a pre-order of some sort to get a gauge on the number to make to get the cost per hammer as low as possible? It makes a big difference getting 2 at $40 versus possibly 4 for the same amount.

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