BBTS has Takara Masterpiece, New Hasbro Marvel, SW, Joe, TF, Dark Knight, MIB III & More

We’ve just dropped pricing on three new Masterpiece offerings from Takara – MP-12 Sideswipe ($83.99), MP-12 Red Alert ($83.99), MP-13 Soundwave ($139.99) and have posted this on our site Attention Transformers Customers – BBTS ‘Thank You’ Preorder Price Cut We appreciate your patronage and want to thank all our valued Transformers customers by offering a […]

Hangin’ with Mr. Parr & Poe’s On Vacation

This past weekend I hung out with my good friend Rustin Parr of OAFE, as well as Power Pals PrfktTear & the rarely-seen Sped. Rustin enjoyed his visit and bought something at nearly every place we went to, from a Lego store to Comicazi. I’m sure he’ll write them all up in a Rustin’s Spoils over at […]

Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game

[youtube=] While reading through the entire run of the 1980s Vigilante comic (don’t ask…), I came across the ad below on a back cover. Now, as I kid my family actually owned an Intellivision, so given my love of He-Man it’s unclear to me why we never owned this particular title. I’ll have to have […]

Pic of the Day > Lone Wolf by ridureyu

“Fury knows no friends.” The idea behind a werewolf is pretty simple. Wolves are vicious. When you want to think about the toughest predator around, a wolf is pretty much it unless you live near some big cats (or in the Lost Valley of the Tyrannosaurus). Kind of odd how they’r always alone, though. “Lone […]

S.H.MonsterArts King Ghidorah Destroys Poe’s Objectivity

I need to be honest with you, dear readers – I’m not sure I’m capable of being objective about the S.H.MonsterArts toy line. “Super-articulated Godzilla action figures” is the sort of thing I found at toy stores in my dreams, but the very idea of them existing in the real world seemed like pure fantasy. […]