Avengers: Hulk vs. Hulk

So, like most of you I saw The Avengers this weekend. It was a very entertaining film, and a lesson for Michael Bay on how to make a blockbuster movie that’s fun and not a three-hour cinematic waterboarding.

Anyway, I came away loving the film’s take on the Hulk, which made me wonder which action figure to get. Since I don’t collect the 3.75″  or 12″ scales, I have two options: the Marvel Select Hulk, and the upcoming Walmart-exclusive 6″ Hasbro Hulk.

Marvel Select HulkHasbro Hulk

They both have their merits. The Marvel Select figure is larger, has more detail, and will doubtless be easier to obtain. On the other hand, the Hasbro Hulk (which is in 6″ scale, so I believe it stands around 7″-8″) is more articulated and cheaper – if I can find it.

How popular is the Marvel Select stuff among you Marvel collectors? Articulation-wise they’ve been moving closer and closer to Hasbro, but they still put greater emphasis on the sculpting.

Which Hulk will you get?

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  • I'll probably be getting the Hasbro version–the face on that MS version…yeesh.

    I dunno that I'd call the articulation vastly superior though…the ball hips have a little more rotation than the Mattel-style ones that MS is using, and it has double-knees/elbows. It's more, yes, but not by much.

  • I don't give two shits about articulation, but just based on those two pics, I like the ML face sculpt better. Though it's tough to tell, because of the angle of the 2nd pic.

    When MS beats ML it's in royal fashion. Anyone who says that MS Juggernaut isn't better than ML Juggernaut is an irredeemable ML fanboy. http://i687.photobucket.com/albums/vv232/slangard

    The one problem with MS is that when they do a great figure that is not an "oversize" figure, like Gambit, it still won't fit in with your ML, because it's too tall.

  • i will say, from what i see, the MS fig wins in accuracy of sculpt execution (the ML version actually looks more like the norton hulk than the ruffalo hulk to me), and scale to a marvel legends sized collection (depending on your favorite hulk scale, as he's varied greatly in size era to era, artist to artist), and while ML might have more PoA, we all know that articulation is vastly more about range of motion than total points. some of the crappiest figs i own are very well represented, by point count, but have articulation that, due to sculpt or shape, don't actually get me any valuable posing. mcf had a lot of trouble w/ that, when they included articulation, that half the PoA didn't buy you a single viable pose or even keep the figure upright.

    i would remind you all of the hulk classics foom wave, which included two version of the jade giant, and the skaar fig, who had decent PoA, but virtually no posability thanks largely to lack of range in those points. and the articulation didn't blend well w/ the sculpts, and they're kind of hideous for that. so, yeah, ML hulk looks his PoA count wins, that doesn't even vaguely predicate that he's the superior figure… marvel select, usually, is very good at vanilla poses, so display folk get a good looking statue, if that's how they chose to do, whereas marvel legends has, at times, had figs that despite the PoA, couldn't stand stably in a flat vanilla pose.

    this is really a case of, for me, i want to see them in person to decide.

  • I am going with the Marvel Select figure myself. He'll be larger, he has fists, he'll be easier to obtain….Although I will buy the Hasbro version when and if I see him, cos I am a tool like that. 🙂

  • I just wish they were making a 6" Mark VII suit…disappointed that we're just getting an IM2 repaint of the Mark VI.

  • Personally, I'd say that Hasbro's figure wins on all accounts.

    Sculpt – It looks more like the CGI model and it looks like an idealized version of it, so it'll work great with other six inch scale figures. The MS figure is too relatively detailed to function like that.

    Paint – Less paintwork, less worry about shotty paintwork, and the colors are less day-glo, so any flaws will be less evident. You look at MS Hulk, and you get the feeling that might be sort of tacky, like the overly painted McFarlane toys back in the day. The paint on the MS figure also kind of limits it to other MS figures. It's similar to the problem of mixing DCUC with DC Direct. One toyline looks like Jim Lee drew it, and the other looks like someone made a baby with a Super Powers toy and then made it learn to play basketball because Mattel was too cheap for real paintjobs.

    Articulation – Personally, unless it's a rare character, I won't even consider buying a six inch scale figure without hinges in the hands. The hands do all of the talking, emoting, and to some extent, even fighting. The best punch that MS Hulk will be able to throw will look like a rabbit punch compared to one that Hasbro Hulk can do, thanks to those hinges in the hands / wrist.

    Marvel Select is a fine toyline, but they will never take another pose beyond a generic punch and standing there. Hulk's a real live wire who can't sleep because his bed is on fire, if he's just standing in one place doing nothing, then you're collecting toys wrong.

  • Also, MS Hulk has two closed fists. Not even Hulk should ever have two closed fists.

  • I'll be getting the MS Hulk this week but will also be getting the Hasbro one if/when I ever find it.

    Diamond has really stepped up their game with their last several Select releases and I've ended up buying most of them upon seeing them in person. I think it'll be a same for a lot of people with the MS Hulk, cause I saw him in person at Toy Fair and that photo doesn't quite due him justice. As for the Hasbro version, I like that he'll look good when stuck amongst my regular Marvel Legends.

  • I have family who said “don’t see it without us.” problem is, they’re not very interested…

  • I’ll wait till I see them both, but from what I see, MS is more accurate in sculpt, paint, and scale.

    I also prefer the 2 closed fists. How else do you make classic “Hulk Smash!” poses?

    The only problem that leaves is the diorama. If I’m only getting Cap, Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki, will those parts connect or did they put Hulk and IM in the middle?

  • I was thinking the MS one but looking at pictures of it, I'm not sure anymore. Hasbro really knocked the movie figures from last year out of the park, especially the normal movie Cap. The soft paint apps didn't do him or Thor any favors but they were quantum leaps past what they even managed to do before Iron Man 2. I'm going to side with the Hasbro Hulk as it looks less stiff and, as others mentioned, it has overall better anatomy. MS Hulk's legs look very odd to me for some reason.

    I think the biggest thing going for the MS Hulk actually is the pair of fists; I know several people who voted for the McGuinness Hulk in the old Hasbro ML 2 pack poll simply because it was the first normal Hulk to not have an open hand.

  • Hasbro, hands down. I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya.

    I still have the Target exclusive from The Incredible Hulk, so thats enough for me.

  • Hasbro. I'm gonna get all the 6" Avengers except for Iron Man since it's just a repaint of one I already have.

    I can't wait to own them! They look amazing.

    • Same here. Other than the rereleased Iron Man, the 6" figures are looking great—Loki's got a removable helmet, for starters. Now if Hasbro would just release a 6" figure of Black Widow from the movie………

  • I guess the fist thing in terms of the Hulk comes down to what kind of Hulk you like best. I like the grappler style Tasmanian Devil Hulk, where he's just a victimized simpleton that can't understand what he did wrong, and that just tends to go hand-in-hand with him fighting giant monsters or robots, and due to the size difference, he's just more likely grab them than simply punch them. I guess those of you that prefer the superhero or supervillain fighting Hulk might be more inclined towards two fists since human sized targets make easier punching and it's less violent.

    I just don't see why any figure should ever have two fists. They can't talk, they can't run, they can't jump. They can just punch. They're just as immovable as any old McFarlane toy but without the paint or sculpt, except they have articulation cut-lines and people want to buy them.

    Granted, part of my problem stems from the abundance of fists in DCUC. It's just abhorrent.

  • I like the Hasbro one, personally. For me, it's more of a completionist thing, and I'd think it looked weird if I had ML style figures meshing with MS ones.

  • I usually get the MS figures for larger guys like Thanos & Juggernaut.

  • I'll be getting both though. The MS Hulk is out now, and since I'm impatient that means I'll get it first. And then the Hasbro one, and decide which I like better for my display.

  • Even though the articulation in the Select version is less, the quality of the sculpt alone makes it just that much more worth it to buy it. It is my favourite Select, followed closely by Thanos, then Juggernaut. Select is improving their articulation, and it is more worth it to buy the MS version rather than the Hasbro. Also, if you're going for movie likeness, this picture does not do the MS one justice. It looks more like this: http://youbentmywookie.com/wookie/gallery/0312_co

    Tl;dr, Marvel Select >>>> Marvel Legends (Hasbro) IMHO