Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game


While reading through the entire run of the 1980s Vigilante comic (don’t ask…), I came across the ad below on a back cover. Now, as I kid my family actually owned an Intellivision, so given my love of He-Man it’s unclear to me why we never owned this particular title. I’ll have to have a talk with the Parents Poe.

The video contains what appears to be an entire playthrough of the game. You repeatedly switch between shooting stuff in the Wind Raider and fighting walking fireballs thrown by Skeletor until you reach him and have a brief sword fight. He runs away and you hop back into the Wind Raider. Repeat ad nauseam and you have Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game.

I suppose it wasn’t too bad for the time it was made. I mean, people used to love playing Pong and Pac-Man, so…

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  1. Masters of the Universe seems like a perfect fit for the videogame world. Weird that it hasn't been utilized well in that medium. Of course, Transformers seems perfectly suited for that, too, yet it took nearly 30 years to get a decent game out of that…

  2. i keep saying, i don't think mattel needs to be looking at a movie for he-man, or looking at a movie as the sign of having arrived, monetarily… they should be looking at video games, and getting a good one on the map would be a HUGE step forward for the franchise. if they got a good game rolling, they could easily expand, especially if they merged the toys and the game, something like a skylanders,,, only targeted towards a more adult audience.

    1. And the thing is, they could easily start small with, say, a cel-shaded fighting game or beat-em-up on mobile platforms and/or Xbox Live Arcade/PSN.

      1. true dat. there are plenty of "for free" online games now, from RPGs to beat em ups that would easily facilitate motuc for not a huge investment, and give them one or more platforms to test the waters for a longer, more in depth disc based or network based buy in game.

        personally, i'd love a good fighting game, or a large scale hack n slash, and eventually, a kind of in depth RPG or RTS could be a huge load of fun.

        the best thing would be, at the end of each chapter of the game, you do a short stop motion section, using the motucs, that teach a lesson ala the cartoons, that way, you have a nice homage segment that appeals to the nostalgia players, but also exposes the figs to the gamers who are trying the latest new game (and would not necessarily be familiar w/ the franchise or the toys)

        oh, and award a coupon of a fig purchase for successful completion of the game. you have to cross germinate the expressions of the franchise.

  3. A Zelda/Darksiders MOTU game. Imagine riding on Battle Cat through Eternia? Everytime I hear the "Hyrule Field" theme in Twilight Princess, I wish that He-Man had a video game where you could do that.

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