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Swiftwind™ Bio
Real Name: Spirit

A magical steed from Etheria, Spirit served Adora during her time as Force Captain of the Horde Army. Loyal to Adora, not the Horde, Spirit stayed with her after Adora learned of her true heritage and joined the Great Rebellion. Enhanced by Adora’s newly acquired Sword of Protection, Spirit was transformed into She-Ra’s flying mount Swiftwind™, heroically carrying the Princess of Power® into battle. Swiftwind remained with She-Ra®, traveling with her from Etheria to Eternia® to join with the renegade Masters of the Universe® in the continued fight against Hordak® and his armies.

I think what I wondered about most in reading this bio was why Swiftwind stuck with Adora after she turned against the Horde. That’s some pretty strong loyalty to turn against the status quo you’ve known your whole life simply out of loyalty. I have to believe Swiftwind wasn’t a fan of the Horde’s regime. If he thought the Horde was running Etheria just fine, it’s arguably like joining up with the Taliban against the government in Afghanistan purely out of loyalty to your best friend.

And once again, I’ve engaged in some traditional geek overthinking. But that’s really the whole point of these bio discussions, isn’t it?

We already knew from She-Ra’s bio that the Heroic Warriors would become renegades under Hordak’s rule (though the Thunder Punch He-Man bio seems to dispute that, as Skeletor is ruling when he’s challenged by Hordak and King Hssss). So nothing new there. Overall a pretty straightforward bio.

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  • Most importantly, they give no indication about whether Swiftwing can speak. I assume they do this so as to appease fans that would rather he not speak, as well as those that prefer that he does. Assuming he is "just an animal" then being loyal to Adora makes perfect sense.

    • That's true…I assumed he could speak, because unlike Battle Cat I wasn't familiar with a version of Swiftwind who couldn't.

  • i think, in the case of "hordak and his armies" that the story they're going with is that while skeletor take randor's throne, he has disposed of the other threats out there, just gotten them out of the way enough to take the throne of eternos. so it's entirely possible that even under "king skeletor" the masters are still fighting the horde army and the snake men too… though we still have the independent guys like marzo and gygor floating around too, and it's starting to feel glutted w/ villains.

    that, or perhaps hordak wins the day, seizing power from skeletor, and then the masters defeat hordak… or perhaps, horde prime. it would kind of work if the horde had been defeated, but not killed by skeletor (and clearly, without gygor formally joining skeletor, no one is getting killed in this mythos) so the routed horde slink away in disgrace, till horde prime shows up, whips them into shape, and kicks skeletor's evil ass… only to promptly be unassed by the twins. either way works without having to assume too much. (a little, not a lot)

    • I assume that you mean in your mythos, Dayraven, given the the bios for Battleground Teela, Snake Man At Arms, Megator and Vykron… 🙂 We've already got quite the bodycount!

      Personally I think that the defeat of Horde Prime would form part of the "New Adventures" section of the MOTUC storyline with the Second Ultimate Battleground basically ending the conflict on Eternia and Skeletor then getting his comeuppance immediately after that, but that's speculation on my part.

      • i would say this though… ok, the sorceress died, and zodak's brother got eaten… neither is as graphic as being rent in twain… but then, there are plenty of characters who were exiled, rather than died (miro, randor, marzo, skeletor, hordak, he-man, gygor… i'm sure the list is longer, but this is what i have off the top of my head) and in trap jaw we see a guy who clearly took some heinous injuries and is still alive and kicking… and the cartoon's are rife w/ moments where someone takes a big fall, or gets totally waylaid w/ a huge energy blast or something, and gets right up, or is saved at the last moment…

        as a counter to the bodycount, i would ask this… have you ever read of he-man cutting someone w/ that big bad ass sword he carries around? or the ax? how many times has the sword been used as little more than a laser shield? or to dislodge some rocks? but never to cut someone.

        so, ok, yes, megator dies, twice in fact… but skeletor doesn't die at all. snake MAA dies, but despondos is littered with geriatrics who are not only not killed by their enemies, they apparently don't die of old age either. skeletor wins the day in eternos, but doesn't kill he-man, doesn't kill teela doesn't even kill the eternian red shirts, so one of them gets to grow up to get powers of his own!!! how do you not even kill the red shirts!?!?

        just sayin… you are right, the franchise has more deaths then i initially counted… but they regularly skate by deaths that would be totally justifiable in any proper fantasy story.

  • Swifty is to PoP as Battlecats was to MYP! Without a doubt the most over used, under developed character in all MOTU! Look at this bio, it' might as well read "She-Ra's flying unicorn BFF!" One important aspect it leaves unsaid is that Swift is now a dead beat dad! Lets hope that he at least visits the wife and kid between UFC bouts.

    You bring up an excellent point Poe. A good writer could turn that line of thinking into an excellent story. Perhaps Spirit owes a dept to Adora. Perhaps staying with Adora was part of a bargain he made with someone who would arrange for Adora to have such a loyal and trusted friend. Perhaps Shadow Weavers' spell also clouded Spirit's perceptions. Any of those are more interesting then "normal horse" before his first transformation. One of these days I'm going to go "Kathy Bates" on Larry Ditillo.

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